Let us all offer this prayer for Arsenal in this difficult time


Let us pray!

Let us pray, oh gooners for our dear club Arsenal. Let us pray that the spirit of confusion and negative tactics will be a thing of the past, sooner than later.

Let us pray that Unai Emery will fall asleep one night, encounter the angel of wisdom in his dream, and then wake up to inspire Arsenal to not just Champions league qualification, but also to winning one or two trophies.

Let us pray oh gooners, that our big earning super-stars will finally see the reason to give more than 100% in every game, henceforth. Let us ask the angel of conscience to visit them and prick their mind, until they realize how unjust they have been to us the fans, and start giving us their best at all times. Can I hear amen!

Let us pray that God will give the Arsenal board, the spirit of listening to the fans and doing what is right, to make them happy at all times. Oh, lets pray that they will grow wise enough to know that the fans play a large role in committing their finances via match tickets, into running the club and also paying their salaries.

Oh, let us not forget to pray for every anti-Arsenal football analyst who takes pleasure in tearing into those boys, any time they lose a game. Let us ask for wisdom and the spirit of fairness to locate them and make them start criticizing constructively. Let us pray for them to realize that those football players are just human beings, earning their money; and that at times, they are bound to make mistakes.

Let us pray for the fans; that they may also realize that whenever those players lose a game, that they also feel terrible or even worse, than us the fans. Let us pray that the fans will learn how to criticize them with love.

Let us never forget to pray for our defensive players. Let us pray that they will stop being tormentors instead of defenders and they will stop failing the team defensively. Let them play more like defenders in every game, henceforth. Amen!

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