Let’s cheer on Bendtner against Tottenham today, even if he doesn’t care about Arsenal!

Nicklas Bendtner has started scoring a few goals for Sunderland recently, and all Arsenal fans will be hoping that he continues that run today when the Black Cats take on Spurs at the Stadium of Light and helps stop Arsenal’s bitter rivals from going ahead of the Gunners in the race for Third Place.

Bendtner himself though says that he is not aiming to help Arsenal, but simply trying to win more points for his new club. He said: “I have a lot of respect and feelings for Arsenal, yeah. I hope they do as well as they can, obviously.

“But I’m here now so I’m obviously focused on Sunderland. I don’t lie in bed worrying if Arsenal lose a game, I’m sure they’ve got it covered. I just want them to do well, I still like them.

“For me, obviously Tottenham is a big game. But I’m thinking that Sunderland need to do well, not that it is Arsenal’s enemy. Those North London games were always great to play, they were always a good atmosphere and it meant the world to the fans. It’s like here with Newcastle, they are great games to play in.”

Whatever reason he chooses, we don’t care so long as Sunderland get at least a draw against Spurs!

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