Lille wants to earn big on Hazard

Lille doesn’t seem to think that much about Hazard leaving as they do about the money he might bring in the club. The French team seems to be very interested in selling the Belgian for the right kind of money, so Real Madrid and Arsenal should take notes.

“Cole is becoming an important member of our team, and even though he is currently Liverpool’s player, it is not a certainty that he will leave us again at the end his (loan) contract,” Seydoux insisted.

“If he has a certain good feeling with Lille and we can make him an interesting offer, this is something that we will look into.

“We would like to keep Hazard too, and if he still sees a challenge here, then he could stay. It’s probable, though, that he will leave the club after this season, as there’s plenty of interest.

“Will €50million be enough? Nobody is irreplaceable and there are solutions for that kind of money.”

A €50million deal would surely be out of Wenger’s reach, but there was a rumored fee of €30million in the summer. If Wenger will give in a bit and Lille will do the same, perhaps Hazard will indeed end up playing for Arsenal instead of Real Madrid. We can only hope.

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