Lucas Torriera is Key to Xhaka’s Future with Arsenal

Granit Xhaka’s performance in the match against Brazil revealed why Lucas Torreira is fundamental to his future with Arsenal FC. The 25-year old player could well enjoy a new lease on life at Arsenal thanks to Torreira’s arrival. Of all the players that could be used as a reference point for how Unai Emery intends to reshape the midfield for Arsenal, Valon Behrami, from Switzerland, is not the most obvious choice. Yet, in the match against Brazil, the former utility man from Watford and West Ham provided a favour to Xhaka that should not be overlooked during the debate as to how to bring out the best in the 25-year old player at the Emirates and he certainly has the right mindset to go far.

The Last Few Weeks Have Been Very Kind

Not that he has been having much difficulty of late. The last few weeks of the season saw him enjoying a rise in consistency and stature as one of the finest performers in the final days of Arsène Wenger’s reign. Punters who support the young player thanks to the online betting NZ makes available will recall that he has been awarded a new contract along with some words of encouragement from Wenger’s successor in the dugout at Arsenal. Emery stated that Xhaka was an important part of the team, and his youth made it possible for him to develop his natural skills even more. It is clear that Emery has big expectations when things settle down after the World Cup.

Xhaka Won’t Be Returning On His Own

Xhaka won’t be the only footballer heading back to Arsenal when the tournament finishes, but, even if you include those already associated with the club, there is set to be another midfielder to wend his way from Russia to North London.

Lucas Torreira, from Uruguay, is likely to become a member of the Gunners, and this could actually be just what the deep-lying playmaker from Switzerland requires in a partner in order to unlock his true potential.

Torreira’s work as a winner of the ball and middle-of-the-park enforcer for Sampdoria has already earned him comparisons to players like N’Golo Kante, but it’s the possible similarity he shares with Behrami, or rather his relationship on the pitch with Xhaka, that will be the most instructive over how he could assist with the creative dreadnought at Arsenal.

Wenger Was Unsure of What to Do With Xhaka

Wenger seemed to be uncertain as to what exactly to do with Xhaka when he first came to Arsenal from Borussia Monchengladbach back in 2016. He had crafted a reputation as an incredible passer in the Bundesliga, as well as one who patrolled the pitch in front of his back-line, collecting and making use of the ball to unleash the players in front of him. But he was not a defensive player, and he was not a holding midfielder. Havard Nordtveit was doing the dirty work, a far more destructive presence in the park’s middle, and while the Norwegian went for it, closing down opponents, Xhaka was able to sit back and dictate play.

This is possibly the hoped for direction that the Torreira/Xhaka partnership is going to be headed in.

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  1. Wenger was sure about one thing. He refused to ” abandon his principles ” and employ a genuine dmf. It will take time for Emery’s new team to settle but it is a joy to watch him correct the mistakes adhered to by Wenger – which the fanbase bemoaned long ago.

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