Man City couldn’t beat Arsenal’s Invincibles record – Why should Liverpool?


Hello once again gooners. How do we do? Just this morning as I lay on bed, I went through some sport sites. While scrolling through, I stumbled across a site that went with this headline: “Arsenal set to lose their invincible records to Liverpool”. Like seriously, how sure are they that Liverpool will equal our records at the end of the season, when the season just got half way? Even if we do lose our record to them, does it change anything about Arsenal’s record?

Now, let us talk about this invincible record. In the 2003/2004, Arsenal went a whole season without a defeat. We won 26 games and drew 12 games. We scored a lot of goals in the process. That season, we didn’t do well in cup competitions, eliminated in the league cup and FA cup semi-finals and also in the UEFA Champions league quarter-final to Chelsea. The season after that too saw us going on an unbeaten run until our arch-rivals, the red devils, ended the run for us. We were the darling of other teams then and it was as if nobody had ever done what we did and nobody would ever do it.

Manchester City before Liverpool this season, has been the team with extremely talented players and on a few occasions, threatened to equal or even beat our unbeaten record. However, on several occasions too, when we thought they were just going to end our record, one team pops up and beats them in a premier league game. Manchester City never really got to break our record despite their dominance of English football.

Some season ago, Barcelona football club in Spain, were almost going a season unbeaten until they were beaten by Levante. They ended that season losing just one league game. In league games around the world that I have personally monitored, no club looks to have ended a season without losing a game! However this season, the team from Anfield, may well equal or surpass our records, if they don’t get beaten.

Records are great; they serve a reminder to great things that have happened in the past. When such a record remains intact for a long time, people tend to respect the record holder because nobody has been able to do what the record holder did. If Liverpool does not lose a game to any team in the premiership before playing Arsenal again, then we just have to do our best to beat them and keep our record intact when we meet them again this season in May. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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