Man City man backs Arsenal to lift FA cup!! Is he fishing?

If Samir Nasri gets his wish, and Arsenal win the FA cup, it will mean that those Arsenal players that he abandoned have had a more successful season that him, for the first time since he left in 2011. His new team Man City also won nothing last season, but they still finished above us in the Premier League.

The reason Nasri says, in a Telegraph report, that he is really hoping that the Gunners knock down theur last obstacles to a trophy, is that he feels that Arsene Wenger has been treated badly by the media, the Arsenal fans and especially by the Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho.

I would have to agree with him, although I am a bit less in agreement when he says that money was not the reason he left Arsenal to join Man City. Nasri does let himself down a bit later when he talks about what anyone would do if offered triple their current salary.

Anyway, if Arsenal do win the FA cup, as we should, I wonder if Nasri might start to think he made a mistake. We were above his team for most of the season and we know that it could have been so much better, was it not for the dreadful injury problems. I wonder if Nasri is already thinking about winning over the Arsenal fans in case he gets a chance to come back…..hmmm

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