Manchester City’s in command manager Roberto Mancini has hinted that the Citizens’ move for the Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie might go through this summer, after stating that a move from Napoli to Manchester by for Cavani would be impossible.

Mancini seems to think that bringing Cavani would be impossible for the Citizens, but that they have a good chance of landing Robin Van Persie due to his current contract. Robin is still under contract with the Gunners until the end of next season, and Mancini think there might be a chance of landing him if he won’t extend his contract.

“Van Persie is world class,” said Mancini. “Cavani has ¬everything. When he was playing for Palermo, I wanted to take him to Inter.

“To sign Cavani at his present valuation is impossible. For Van Persie, it is a bit different.

“Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri were a year before the end of their contracts and for Arsene Wenger it was difficult to keep them.”

Robin’s talks with Arsenal’s board have not concluded in an extension so far despite the fact that Wenger offered him the biggest salary in the squad by far. According to the Dutchman, he doesn’t wish to be better paid, but to have a chance at winning trophies, and after seeing Nasri and Clichy do that at City it’s going to be hard for him to decide.

19 thoughts on “Mancini Drops Bomb On Van Persie Transfer

  1. Mancini won’t stop pissing me off!!! He thinks because he has the money and can do anything with it, even to the extend of insulting big clubs like Arsenal. City is a small club that spends too much and believe they big No they aren’t big, just big spenders…Infact if RVP wants to go to city he can go and i wish him luck. Arsenal will be fine..

    1. I know what you mean about Mancini, its unbelievably disrespectful on his part to talk like this about another team’s player.

  2. If we lose Van – Persie we might as well give up once and for all about hoping to win something , i want to know that he will stay and the board ” if you call them that” are behind the supporters and bring in some quality to play along side him, it is sad to think that there are now 4-5 teams ahead of us when it comes to transfer dealings , I remember the days when we went in for a player no questions asked he arrived ,I am praying and wishing the day Stan Kroenke decides to sell and get the hell out ofg what was once a great team and club,bring in Usmanov and then see what can be acheved..

    1. I know Robin has been amazing for us this season but be realistic. He has had 1 full season and has a 99% chance to come back from the Euros with an injury which will have to be dealt with by whatever club he comes back to, he has played more games this season than ever before. Hardly worth worrying about.

    2. If we lose van Persie it will be a blow, but Arsenal will carry on.

      Why should the board be “behind the supporters”? They are the people with responsibility for running the club, for balancing the finances, etc. Supporters don’t have that responsibility.

  3. this is getting more joke…how many our players and staff they take already?why don they buy the whole team?arsenal nowadays are not getting respect anymore!

    1. “Greedy Stan Kroenke”?
      Doubtless you’ll be able to provide a link to evidence that Kroenke is taking money out of the club.

  4. If V Persie wants to leave then we have to sell him and the price is affeted by the fact he only has one year remianing in his contract.

    Thats the reality of the situation and its happened afew times at the club personally there should be a policy for everyone to either sign or be sold when they have two years remaining.

    Solves this issue happening again

  5. Poor, poor Mancini! Has read some ‘papers and already he repeats just what he read. For those of you who thought this is in any way significant: it’s pure bull, just for the sake of the journos. The only people who actually read this are Arsenal supporters. Which is good. Makes it easier for all of us to hate Citeh.

  6. We should go in for Adam Johnson and if they say no then stick 2 fingers up at them and say you are getting no more players from us end of.

  7. The Arsenal management are not serious. Why cant they report Manchini officially to the FA and FIFA. There are rules guiding player transfer and tapping. Manchini, drunk with excess money has viloted all and nobody seems to care. Rather than allow RVP to go to city, sell him cheap to another club or keep him to run out his contract. By next season, at 29 to 30, he will be a different player. Manchini as a manager has NOT groomed a single player into stardom in the whole of his carrer. He is a total failure as a coach by has managed to the EPL by goal difference using the Shieks excess wealth. After spendig 932million GBP, he wins the EP: by goal difference, is that a worthy achievement?

  8. Maybe this Arsenal blog should report mancini themselves. Its time to take action against this bully boy who would be nothing without his sugar daddy.

    Seriously. It’s time we put a stop to this.

  9. I don’t blame Manchini but anybody who could n’t understand what he said about RPV and turned it into a bomb. How can a comparison between two players’ situation amount to desire to buy? Manchini never said he was interested to buy RVP.

    1. umoh or whatever, you nor go school at all….go and read again. abi dem dey tell person say dem like their girlfriend? adu….

  10. RVP is not the only striker that can score, Arsenal shuld let him go, if he wants and buy Lewandowski, Doumbia and other replacements dat are hungry 4 success! RVP can go, he has my blessings

  11. Players are ingrates. RVP or not Arsenal will always b shoulder high. Wenger only need to get better replacement for whoever leaves. Better players have played & left Arsenal, heaven did not fall.

  12. That was what they said about henry,pires,fab,cashri. Let em go,we have replacements in ramsey,arshavin,bendtner,chamack,walcott e.t.c and yet we are still needing replacements for them. I don’t blame mancini,if u sell your bet right to your brother you’re meant to have sticks up your ass. This is not the arsenal i chose to support but i guess i am stuck with em

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