Martin O’Neill warns Arsenal over FA Cup rematch

The Sunderland manager Martin O’Neill believes that his team did enough to earn at least a point off Arsenal this weekend, and warns that the boot will be on the other foot in next weekend’s FA Cup match.

Sunderland had had a gruelling extra-time win over Middlesbrough last Wednesday while Arsenal had a full weeks rest, but this time it is Arsenal’s turn to play in Milan on Wednesday while the Black Cats put their feet up at home, and O’Neill believes it will be a different game next week.

He said: “I thought we didn’t deserve to lose the game. It was a big effort by the team. We were very tired. I know that from the extra time we against Middlesbrough.

“Perhaps the positions will be reversed next weeks when they play midweek and we get a rest. I have not complaints about the team. The last couple of months the heart and soul have gone into the game.

“We can draw breath now. I have no criticism of my team, none. The boys just need a bit of energy again which we will get in the week, and we will get it back for next week. It is genuinely disappointing to lose.

“James McClean took his goal well and was splendid. He works tirelessly for us taking top quality players on. Where he gets the energy from I do not know.

“Overall, when we got that extra energy, we took the game to them but it wasn’t to be. You can only learn from this for next week.”

He is right though that Arsenal will be more tired next week and Sunderland won’t. And also we won’t have Thierry Henry there to save us!

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9 thoughts on “Martin O’Neill warns Arsenal over FA Cup rematch

  1. We had more of the game than they did, they scored because our defender went down under no pressure to leave them free on goal otherwise they would not have scored. They will be better next week against a mostly reserve side in the cup. Also Middlesboro outplayed them in the week and deserved to beat them. You don’t always get what you want in this game. I feel sorry for per in this game cause he’s done well. But we now have our best two centerbacks in the side and perhaps now we can see what they can do together as they haven’t had the chance to forge a partnership yet!!!

  2. We are use to playing more in the week so it will make no difference. It is at times like this you can’t predict Arsenal. We saw how we gave our all to qualify for the champions League during the play off. I know we will go more than Sunderland in the FA tie.

  3. we will do good agnst ac milan and sunderland in d facup too…we will be in good mood…be positive

  4. Do not you get tired of speaking negative about our team when they do thier best. i am sick of you. the great Barcelona losd to Osasuna so what? let us give our team a credit an be behind them. If Mertesaker was not unlucky we will win 2-0. I do not say Sunderland have nothing to say, but we we are Arsenal with king or without.

  5. I think that the boys will go full steam both at Ac Milan and sunderland because we would have a chance to rest after that.
    A high scoring draw or a 1-0 win at Sansiro would be fantastic, even a 2-1 loss is fine but the most important thing is to score the away goal. With the availability of sagna and Gibbs TV can come to the center to make our defence even more solid.

  6. Wishful thinking on his part, their goal was a fluke, we dominated the game. We will come back from Milan a stronger team, with Gibbs and Gervinho back, we’ll win comfortably.

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