Martin O’Neill won’t share some wine with Wenger after the game


Arsenal go to the Stadium of Light today to begin a sequence of three crucial games in a week, and Sunderland’s new manager Martin O’Neill has admitted that Arsene Wenger has never accepted a post-match tipple with the Irishman after any match.

O’Neill said: “I always have a difference of opinion with people.

“I don’t always see eye to eye with him. But then I don’t think he always sees eye to eye with anyone.

“I don’t think Arsene has ever taken up the offer of a post-match drink and I’ve absolutely no problem with that whatsoever, none at all. But it’s there if he wants it.

“I understand it’s more a British habit and something the foreign managers didn’t really share before coming to the Premier League.

“I saw Tony Pulis after the game last week and Alex Ferguson always invites you into his office. But, in fairness, I’m never really sure about it anyway. I think the foreign mangers might have the right idea.

“It’s a bit of small talk after the game. If you’ve won, you’re delighted and if you’ve lost, you can’t wait to get out of the room.”

So it may be a blessing in disguise for O’Neill when you consider that he has only beaten Arsenal ONCE out of 17 meetings against Arsene Wenger, so pehaps he has been saved some embarrassing moments!

Let us hope that record is continued today!

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