Mertesacker – Arsenal deserved to lose to Southampton

Arsenal were undone yesterday by some terrible defending yesterday, and one of our centre-backs Per Mertesacker has admitted that Southampton were the better side on the day. He was asked after the game if he could pinpoint what went wrong for the Gunners. “A lot, when you see the result.” the German said.

“We are massively disappointed because there was a good chance to really bounce back properly but they deserved to win because they did a bit more than us.”

Mane scored the opener for the Saints after both Szczesny and Koscielny both ran away from the ball, and Mane was given oodles of space to curl an excellent chip over Szczesny’s head and into the goal, but Mertesacker didn’t think it was intentional. Per said: “On the first I think he wanted to cross the ball, but it was massively affected by the wind and it was a bit unpredictable the wind. But overall we did too many mistakes and they scored on two occasions.

“The last two games we were in good spirits and those games were close together and we fought really hard for the two wins. But today was slightly different. I think we have to come back to our main strength. But we didn’t show up with a good performance today. We have to remind ourselves every day that we need to have a big performance.”

Good thinking by the BFG, maybe he should set a alarm on everyone’s phone to remind them to play well on matchdays?

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