Mertesacker is very worried and more scans planned for Jack Wilshere


The big German defender Per Mertesacker has sustained ligament damage and the most optimistic prognosis is that he will miss at least the next four weeks of Arsenal’s season.

Mertesacker has voiced his concerns that it may even be more serious as he Tweeted last night: “The foot is not good.

“I have to wait for the physical examination. Right now I’m living with uncertainty. Thanks for all your messages.

“Now off for scan. I fear the worst. Could miss the rest of the season.”

The Guardian reports today that Arsenal should have a better idea of the severity of the problem before they fly to Milan this afternoon, and they also reveal that Jack Wilshere is due for more scans this week on his ankle.

The youngster has already missed the whole of this season so far, but at the moment the Arsenal medical team are still hopeful that he will still have a part to play this year, but again we are all anxiously awaiting the results for the good (or bad) news to be confirmed.

8 thoughts on “Mertesacker is very worried and more scans planned for Jack Wilshere

  1. Hate to say this but jack’s injury was a blessing in disguise. The length of time he is out is unfortunate but if he was never hurt then wenger probably doesn’t get arteta who has immense this season. For all the mertesacker haters, i think everyone will notice his importance soon.

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