Mertesacker Needs More Time. Should He Get It?

Arsenal’s centre-back Per Mertesacker reacted to the rumours which were saying he’s slow for the Premiership and told the club official website that even though it’s not easy to get accustomed to the English league he’ll prove his worth throughout the season.

“I’m feeling good and I think that’s the best thing,” Mertesacker told “It was quite a short time for me to settle in and make the transfer happen – it was very close to the deadline so it was a tough month for me.”

“I think in England the best players in the world are here. They have a lot of strength, a lot of speed, it doesn’t compare to the Bundesliga. The technical [ability] is similar but the speed and the physical power is different. “

“If you have no pre-season with the team then that makes it more difficult. People think it’s easy to connect with your club, your team-mates, but it takes time. “

“It’s getting better and better and hopefully I can keep improving now. Let me play a season and you can get [the full picture] of my personality and my ability as a footballer.”

Mertesacker was the most awaited transfer of the summer as every Arsenal fan out there wanted to see a central defender come at the team, and he’ll surely prove that he’s a world class player after he gets fully accustomed with the Premiership style.

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