Michael Owen’s foolish Arsenal put-down will not affect Suarez transfer

A deluded Michael Owen has said that Luis Suarez joining Arsenal would be a surprise as it would not help the striker in any way. He reckons that Liverpool are a bigger club than Arsenal and questions if we can hope to win anything next season. We have 10 times the chance of winning something than Liverpool do mate, especially if we do sign Suarez.

Owen spoke to the BBC and said, “I’d be very surprised if he were to move to Arsenal. Madrid or Barcelona would make more sense. I’m struggling to understand why he would leave and stay in England with Liverpool being the stature they are.”

Liverpool have about the same stature as Fulham these days so he clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Does he really think Suarez is concerned about what a club has done in the past rather than which club has the better chance of winning things?

He continued to say “From Suarez’s point of view you can understand him if he wants to reach the absolute pinnacle of the game – that’s playing in the Champions League. Liverpool are obviously not in that at the moment.”

He then stuck the boot in further and said “Truthfully, can you really see Arsenal winning the Champions League next season or going into the later stages? Unless they buy a few good players then I can’t.”

I agree with Owen on the point that we need to buy some new players to do this, but anything is possible. You cannot simply write off Arsenal for anything especially now when the squad seems to be playing so well. Maybe somebody should remind Owen that Arsenal were only denied a quarter-final place last season by the eventual winners, Bayern Munich, and only on goal difference.

He is crazy to think that Liverpool are in any way bigger than Arsenal. Perhaps you could have said that four years ago but not now. They are slipping further away from the top and the owners are now apparently trying to sell the club after giving up on their plan to get back to the top.

Liverpool aren’t even in the Europa League next season so how is no European football better than a great chance of reaching the last 16 of the Champions League? Owen knows that Liverpool are lost without Suarez and is trying to convince him to stay to stop the inevitable doom of his former club.

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8 thoughts on “Michael Owen’s foolish Arsenal put-down will not affect Suarez transfer

  1. All ex players will support their old clubs. This case is no different. But given the situation right now, Arsenal are definitely better off than Liverpool. Also, a move to London, I believe is more desirable than living in Liverpool.

  2. Arsenal with Suarez can challenge for top spot in the league unlike Liverpool who have him and can’t do crap. Suarez has eyes and he sees this that’s why he wants to leave..Also afc haven’t been buying much lately but if they spend big it will attract players and will challenge for champions league now that afc have adequate funds for big players. Owens injuries have obviously got to his head.

  3. A well written post.Owen is indeed deluded to compare Arsenal with Liverpool.Let add this to your excellent post, Arsenal is the fourth richest club in the world.Liverpool is tenth.Arsenal stadium is far bigger than Liverpool.Wenger is a world class coach while Brendan is an average coach with no pedigree.They are still living in their already forgotten history.
    Even the league table says it all every other season

  4. Crazy Owen he knwz tht if e gooners get Suarez it wl b a funeral at old trafford.trophies wl start to pour in lyk rain at Emirates

  5. great response, he (owen) has forgotten that, it was only in liverpool that a majority will rememeber him ever represented as a player. However, he cannot down talk Arsenal to the point of making derogatory remarks that are extraneous to the subject matter at us without recourse to his sojourn in real madrid. If he is so good at analysis, why didn’t he analysed his plight in spain, he was a forgotten factor to the point that whenever he was coming on as a substitute, people ask ” is that owen? He was actually living in the world of his own and was kept in oblivion, that, when he eventually left, no body asked of his whereabout until we began to see him in nwcastle’s colour. What legacy did he leave in madrid? He surely wants suarez to toe his path and become much like him whose reign was short- lived. He ( owen) on several occasions was rendered surplus in the various clubs that later accepted him to recharge his career. he’s not in the category of suarez, so, he shud shut his mouth.

  6. The amusing thing is Owen says “Truthfully, can you really see Arsenal winning the Champions League next season or going into the later stages? Unless they buy a few good players then I can’t.”

    Uuum well maybe Suarez is one of those good players we’re trying to buy to help us win it!?

    Silly Silly Owen.

  7. Owen is a sad case. With little schooling he doesn’t have a sufficient capacity to reason so all the bilge he spouted should not be taken seriously. He says ” Can you see Arsenal winning CL or getting in later stages of it?
    The answer is, possibly coz last time around we were stopped by Bayern Munich who won and it was on goal difference mind you. However, he fails to see that even with Suarez they even failed to get into Europa. What makes Owen to belittle Arsenal is a bit confusing because Liverpool used to be a big club but not anymore. They are even behind the local rival Everton at least last season.
    This is from a guy who merited to be a bit-part player at Stoke City. Makes you wonder its only football skills he has lost.

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