Mikel Arteta – Future Arsenal manager?

The Spaniard Mikel Arteta has been the face of maturity at Arsenal since arriving from Everton in 2011, but now at 32 he is approaching the end of his career. With Ryan Giggs being promoted from player to manager at Man United, perhaps the Arsenal board may also be considering this sort of continuity when Wenger retires in two years time (really!) and if so, it seems Arteta is the most likeliest current player to take over.

Arteta said in an interview with the official website: “My team-mates are always going “What are you going to do Miki? You’re going to be a manager, you should be a manager!”

“I know what the job means and I know how hard it is, especially when I look at the boss and see how many hours he puts in here. You need to sacrifice your family all over again, which I’ve done since I was 15. But I would love to manage a squad of players and staff – I’ve got it inside me, it’s true, and I want to do it.”

“First of all I want to make the most of my playing career, because I’m 32 and in this game you never know whether you’ll end up carrying on until 34, 35 or 36,”

“After that, I’m certainly going to stay involved in football because I think I’ve got something to add. I would like to prove myself, and prove my ideas about managing and encouraging people to do things in the way I believe is best.”

Surely if the other players think he will be a good manager then he must have some noticeable ability. Would Arsenal fans accept an untried manager when Wenger finally boots himself upstairs?

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