Milan, Napoli Or Leverkusen. Who Is The Best Opponent?

Tough times arising for Arsenal as the teams who were ranked second in the Champions League group stage are no easy tasks, although there are a few weaker than the rest.

Wenger will need all the luck he can get before the knockout stage draw because Arsenal could encounter a really tough opponent if they’re unlucky enough.

By Far the toughest opponent Arsenal could face is AC Milan. The Italian side managed to qualify second after Spanish giants Barcelona, but proved to be a fierce opponent even against the team who is supposed to be the best in the world.

Other tough opponents for Arsenal would be Bundesliga side Leverkusen, French side Lyon or Italian club Napoli. All of the three are touch teams which proved to be in a good form this season, and all three qualified from tough groups. Leverkusen had to knock out Valencia, Lyon knocked out former glory Ajax and Napoli helped get rid of Manchester City after they took 4 points out of the double against the English side.

The easy opponents would  be Russian side Zenit St Petersburg who might even have Arshavin on their side at the time, CSKA Moscow or FC Basel. So Arsenal’s chances to draw a tough opponent are greater than drawing a weak one, but as the saying goes, you have to beat the best to be the best.

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2 thoughts on “Milan, Napoli Or Leverkusen. Who Is The Best Opponent?

  1. I cant see that any trip to russia in february will be easy and basel manged a draw and and a win against man united who thrashed us.

  2. Basel is not a weak opponent. they have confined Man Useless to playing on thursdays when i am supposed to be watching my favourite soap.

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