More proof that Arsenal target WILL leave Barcelona in January


There will be a number of clubs, including Arsenal, from the Premier League and other top leagues in Europe, currently working feverishly behind the scenes to put together a transfer package for the Barc elona and Spain defender Gerard Pique.

Because the Spanish international has reached a new low in his relationship with his club coach Luis Enrique, as the youtube video below shows. The 27-year old was actually on the bench this weekend as Barca travelled to face Almeria in La Liga and was one of the subs warming up on the side of the pitch as Enrique considered making his third change.

Now I can understand him bringing On Xavi instead of Busquets as they were chasing the game, but then making Pique warm up even though all the subs had been made was pointless and as clear an indication as you could get that the manager is very unhappy with his player. And it looks like he has given up on trying to mend the relationship and is just using Pique as an example to the other Barcelona players now.

So there will surely be a scramble for the talented and experienced centre back once the transfer window opens in January. The question is, can Arsene Wenger persuade Pique to come to Arsenal and help us out of the defensive doldrums?

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