M’Vila’s Move To Arsenal Still Uncertain

It is constantly being rumoured that the next big Arsenal arrival will be the Rennes’ defensive midfielder Yann M’Vila, but the situation is still very mysterious given the lack of official statements.

We all know that Arsene Wenger has spoken on many occasions about M’Vila’s incredible skills and how he could be helpful for the club, and the French midfielder also spoke about a possible interest in a move to Arsenal, but nothing more.

“If it is Wenger who asks you then of course that changes things.”, said M’Vila earlier this season.

On the other hand, we also know the fact that the midfielder has been attracting suitors from all over the world with his amazing skills, and the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United are also reportedly tracking the French star.

Rennes seem to have understood the fact that they will most likely lose M’Vila, but they wanted to do so after the European Championship so his market value will be a bit higher after his participation in France’s first XI.

Nobody knows yet, but everybody’s hoping that M’Vila will join Arsenal, but what’s going to happen with Song? How will the two get along?

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18 thoughts on “M’Vila’s Move To Arsenal Still Uncertain

  1. What indeed does happen to Song if M`Vila arrives? Probably nothing but Alex can be very inconsistent and, if Arsenal are to lift trophies, he`ll have to be up to the mark and work hard for his spot.

    1. Actually Alex Song has been Arsenal,s most consistent and
      most valuable player for a few seasons already,even though
      other Arsenal players get the man of the match awards or re
      cognition ,so M,Vila can play alongside Alex making up a
      powerful defensive/offensive Arsenal midfield without rubb
      ish Ramsey and wimp Wilshere,bring it on already ?

  2. Arsene wenger shud make this summer signing quick as possible.so that we can be heable 2 start the season well.arsene wenger shuld bring the likes of vertongean m,villa junior huliet clint dempsey and a gud striker 2 add with rvp podoski.arsenal will be the team 2 beat.

  3. Arsene wenger shud make this summer signing quick as possible.so that we can be heable 2 start the season well.

  4. Who cares about what happens to song or anyone else. the fact is that if mvila is interested in arsenal then we should be interested in him. its wengers job to pick the best availqble x1 and having mvila as an option is better than not having him and better than what we currently have. if you look at the current crop of players wenger is choosing from around 16 players that is not good enough he needs to choose from a squad of 25. sure the numbers are there but so poor is the quality that he is reluctant to use them.

    1. The poor quality you mention are Walcott,Wilshere and Ra
      msey not Chamakh,Denilson,Bendtner ,wakey wakey mister ?

  5. I feel all the two players are vital for the club.first,we have many leags where by these dishes can be changed to avoid exhaustion.2nd,I think all these two people can be played at the mid field just like what chelsea did to barca.cutting off the sharp strickers.arteta and wilshere would be exchanging. 3rd,in every team,there injuries so,we need to have people who are reliable. In brief it would be a great achievement to have these man signed.

  6. “We all know wenger has spoken about…” Er, do we? no we don’t. He has never done so, as you know, or u would have quoted him. Good player, little evidence of any interest from arsenal. Only actual quote from player. Player hype counts for nothing. 20 mill on a defensive mid, when we have manu, coq and song seems very unlikely. grow up

  7. I’m not sure on either song or m’villa, song is being hyped up to be something he isn’t, yeh he brilliantly set up those two rvp goals but I dont see him doing that on a consistent basis, his feet are too clumsy to be placed heigher up the pitch so he must be at defensive midfield but he is drawn to much to the attack so we are left vulnerable. M’villa will sort that out but I am not confident that he will match the price tag that has been placed on him. In my view javi Martinez is the perfect fit, he is adaptable he has played much of the season at centre back, he is hard working, he gets the game moving when it needs to, his strength in the tackle is exactly what we need so too his posistioning. Yeh his price may be around the thirty mill mark but if we are to challenge for the champions league like wenger has said then we must buy player who 1. Are worth their price tag and 2. Will fit into the team perfectly. I think buying podolski could of been a mistake because he willpower be another player who will fill up a space which other players will do better in, bentdner for one although I don’t like him he is a good striker another which will probably cause a riot is adebeyor who is a much more proven striker and will cost around the same amount. I think the podolski deal isnt actually done yet I think he is just a back up option to player like demba ba, adebeyor, lewandowski, huntelaar, soldado. We need to. We need to be ambitious and sign top players

    1. If Song is inconsistent and doesn,t seem to have the skills
      etc.you claim then what are Sagna,ball watcher supreme,woe
      ful Walcott with a woeful first-touch and equally woeful
      dribbling skills,rubbish Ramsey,who can,t get forward qui
      ck enough and wimp Wilshere,yet another overrated English
      player,so do you actually watch the games,live ?

  8. wenger and arsenal always flatter to deceive when it comes to the buying of top players. Arsenal doesn’t like to spend big that is why we end up with people like Chamak, Gervinho and Park.They don’t want to buy M’Villa because his price tag looks enormous, so they are looking at Martinez who is believed to be half the price of M’Villa. So here we go again same situation like last year. We may be left trying to find players at the last minute when the dregs are left.

    1. Arsene Wenger,just like Alex Ferguson is passed his prime
      and should move on already as his ridiculous team selecti
      ons and equally short-sighted late substitutions have fai
      led to produce any trophies for seven seasons,time is up Arsene,au revoir .

      1. Samuel, you are disappointing me. Thought you had a good, objective analytical mind. Guess I was wrong! Two of the most successful managers not only in the epl but in the world, as recognized by fifa? And you bunch so denigrate them. Shame!!!

  9. M’vila is Song’s successor not his rpelcement he is only 21! M Vila will play AS CDM Song will play further up with Wilshere/Diaby/Ramsey/Roscicky (might play on wing as well).

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