Napoli have to wait as Higuain hopes Arsenal will win transfer battle

There was bad news for Arsenal fans in the last couple of days, as the English, Spanish and Italian media all seemed to have decided the future of Gonzalo Higuain. The problem is, that Higuain himself has got a say in the matter and for now he is training normally with his Real Madrid team mates.

If, as the papers claim, Real Madrid and Napoli had reached an agreement over his transfer, and the Argentinean striker was happy with the move to Italy and Serie A, he would not be training today, he would be on a plane to Naples to have his medical.

There seems to be a three way stalemate going on at the minute. It is like the scene at the end of `The Good, the Bad and the Ugly`, although which club is which you will have to decide for yourself. Clint Eastwood is Arsenal obviously, then I suppose with Rafa Benitez in charge Napoli could be the ugly, Eli Wallach, leaving the ruthless and heartless Lee Van Cleef to represent Real Madrid. Anyway I’m rambling.

The point is, no one wants to blink first or give an opening to the others. There is a chance that Arsenal could end up signing Higuain for the originally agreed fee of £23 million, because he would rather come to Arsenal than Napoli. The Italian club did come second in the league and are in the Champions League, though, so they are not like a Liverpool or Tottenham. Higuain may decide to accept the move while he can, especially if the days continue to pass without any news from the Emirates.

Madrid’s manager, meanwhile, is insisting that he would be happy to keep Higuain this year, while reports of a move for Bale have hit the Spanish media and Arsenal are reportedly readying a £40 million offer for Suarez. Confused? So am I, and this could go on for a while longer Gooners.

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2 thoughts on “Napoli have to wait as Higuain hopes Arsenal will win transfer battle

  1. Bye bye Arsenal. It’s almost official. Higuain will presented at San Paolo Stadium next monday night.

  2. What’s wrong with you people ?… It was confirmed by Real Madrid’s President about 10 days ago that they had NOT received a bid from Arsenal for Higuain, so he was never going to come to Arsenal… The whole thing has been a smoke screen from day one, and it has suited Arsene Wenger to say nothing one way or another, as it deflects the media and other clubs attentions away from his real transfer targets… The Luis Saurez deal is another one, Arsenal put a bid in for 35 Million, knowing full well that Liverpool would reject it… I am a close friend of Chips Keswick (The ‘new’ Arsenal Chairman) and he told me over the weekend while we were playing Golf that Arsenal are actually going after

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