Na$ri – Let’s discuss me leaving Arsenal when I have a trophy at the end of the season! HaHa!

I couldn’t resist posting this interview with Samir Nasri that was published last August (In fact it was the day that Arsenal were beaten 8-2 by Man Utd and Nasri’s City were top of the League)

He was asked if he left Arsenal for his 200,000 a week wages or because he wanted to win trophies, and he replied: “Let people think what they want. I know my choice and I know it is a choice about football.”

“We will see at the end of the season when we lift the trophy and we will talk about my choice again and I will show everyone who was thinking it was about money that they were wrong.”

Would you like to talk about that choice now, Mr Bench-Warmer? Or would you prefer to discuss it when Arsenal overtake City for Second Place? HAHAHAHA!

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61 thoughts on “Na$ri – Let’s discuss me leaving Arsenal when I have a trophy at the end of the season! HaHa!

    1. Hey man! Get off it you fool. Ramsey has had a bad spell but he’s a devoted hard working Arsenal player and the kind of abuse that you and other plastic fans give him is nothing short of disgraceful. We don’t want fans like you in our club. You can go join City you f*ing tosser.

    2. He is just having bad games. He has immense amount of talent. I am sure he will be back to his best.

  1. i’m so glad chiteh couldn’t win even a plastic. we’re surely going to make a better season next season. for nashri, the least said abt him, de better

  2. I wrote on my twitter and facebook account last August that Nasri will not lift up trophy at the end of the season. Man U will lift up trophy with 12 points above City bet it with me.

  3. Sorry mr bench warmer. Arsenal are over played me now am enjoying life @ man city. Here is a discussion btw mancini and nasri:
    mancini: nasri
    nasri: yeah boss?
    mancini: i promised that we will win a trophy, but sorry we can’t make it.
    nasri: don’t worry boss, i came purposely bcoz of money. Lolz

  4. I think nasri is just economical with the truth, he went for money not trophy. With all the money they have, it could not buy them even carlin cup. We are even ahead of them in Europe, I pity them

  5. Please Mr Wanger take back Nasir to Arsenal..the boy is still good but Man City do not know how to utilise him thats what i belive….by now he knows what he did was wrong…

  6. Nasir is a big fool,am a big fans of dis idiot wen he left arsenal 2 join city i lay a course on him cos i cried dat day. nxt season wil b worsta 4 him. gunners til i die

  7. Mr traitor should that money does buy class, and patience. of course he will not win any thing.

  8. Nasri why is it only dat Arsenal fans critisize? Re u d only Arsenal player dat went 2 City? Becos u left Arsenal and still abuse Arsenal fans upon wat Arsenal did for. U re ungrateful.

  9. D likes of nasri are all over d world in various fields of endevour.. They don’t know whom they are, they don’t know d secret of where to throw their nets in d ocean of life and they don’t know d secret of their destiny horse. Nasri shuld b ready to bear d consequencis of his decision.

  10. Hw shamful wil it b 2 nasri at da end of da season, n adding an on 2 it, he wil ve 2 remain in city as da only sta since aguero tevez silva n among others r fed up n may b leavin 2 spain. so he wil ve 2 shift wich wil term him more of a proffesional traiter again wich might cause his career finished

  11. Money can buy super stars, but class is not for sale. Sorry my lil Arab boy. U will hear from us next season. 4get gotze nd hazard get belhada nd M’vila. The whole europe will stand up 4 us. We r arsenal.

  12. thatz da end of city with there form dz seaon, arsenal wil b ahead of them next season 2 hell with nasir he never enjoy footbal again only his money. he shd ‘ve learned 4rom Helb.

  13. I think d guy is too egoistic to come out and say he regret leaving arsenal.but inner him, he will surely do

  14. It’s nt all abt money it’s all abt class,we (gunners) hv class, u can’t buy it u earned it we hv shown our class to man city n d entire world dat we ar nt pushovers.pls tel nasir dat his misery jst began.

  15. Dont blame nasri dat is life 4 u,nasri faild 2 realised what happen 2 hleb,flamini to mention a few,nobody care to knw anytin about them any longer.nasri money is not all.

  16. oh oh oh oh oh Nasir you see?you are not a fool okay that is life okay but you have to look well when man cit say they want you.what have they get? but if you want to be back it will help you okay but you will not get the first 11 okay.thank you and think fast and be back we can make you happy okay

  17. Nasri shall regret leaving arsenal 4 money have he 4get about hleb or flamini case

  18. It’s true dat man proposes but God disposes. Nasri thought d grasses will get greena @ city, but b/c he bite the finger that fed him. Lust was his problem n although he has regrated, thre’s no room 4 him any more. Im very happy 4 d manner d gunners suprizd both spurs n cities. I beliv dat’s how d league wil end. Up gunners! In Wenger we trust.

  19. Well don gunners..A̶̲̥̅♏ xcited nt bcos we won mancity ß̣̥u̶̲̥̅̊ђ simply becos Nasiri left d̶̲̥̅̊ Emirate stadium yesterday wif his face down

  20. The Gunners for life! Pls were is samir nasri a future nd trophy player pls u should tell Gunners is an acadamic football club who ever want 2 learn a soccer he must respect Winger and arsenal fast man city with different qualities

    1. Money is gud nasri hw u go abt d money is d questn here come out n say i‘m sori i knw it‘s a deficult word 2 say but is inportant cox u will see changes up samir GUNNERS 4eva.

  21. Lets say that the wrath of arsenal has caught nasri, how can you bite the hand that fed you, arsenal brought him to england and made him who he is, the best way for him to reward the club, is to join a club for the love of money, i guess his ignorance has paid him nothing but a trophyless and a bench warming season. Mind him because he won’t see any goal to celebrate from the bench with his teammates next season. Hahaha gunners til infinity

  22. He is still a good player. But now that he is a bench warmer. He had fogotten that mr wenger buys french players to arsenal to bring the best out of them. Probably making them one of the best in world.

  23. That bullet was meant for Nashri.All he has earned is a Tshirt.He better revoke the contract.

  24. shameless nasri,now lets talk about arsenal and man city ?which is the best and class team?

  25. Arsene is soft hartened person. I thinks he will get nasri back if he later regrets and wishes to come back to emirates.

  26. Am very glad that we win the match for nasri yestday. It was a big shame to him. Now i think arsenal can compite with the other club? mr traitor. We did it and we are stil going to do more next season, in gunners we trust and so we are wondaful

  27. Nasri, we the love we have show u when u were at Arsenal. I belief you now knw what Arsenal is. I hate you Nasri, u suck go 2hell I kept on wondering what you will be thinking now. With all the money man city got I thought you be competiting with the likes of Barca and Madrid, but where are you? You’re lost. The more I remember 2day the more I like Easter, that shows Jesus died for Arsenal

  28. Watching Arteta work this year and score those 25 metre goals Arsenal have been crying out for together with the 12 Million in Arsenal’s pocket by selling Nasri and buying the Everton player gives you a warm feeling doesn’t it?
    We will end up with the same return as City…….plus 12 Million – thats some good horse trading Arsene!

  29. Dere’s no room in d emirates 4 d loser, coz he has lost his form, he is nt amazing again d power of dribbling has gun out 4rm him, since he spend £200.000 a wk drinking himself 2 stupo nd screwing his girlfriend like 10tyms a wk, big disaster is wat awaits him. Once a GUNNER, always a GUNNER, 4eva a GUNNER. Dats me
    Gunners 4 real!!!

  30. Mr wenger should plot £1.5millon pounds 4 dat prodigal son(nasri) nd bring him back 2 emirate nxt season…….till i die up gunas

  31. Hahahahahaha shame on u nasir u tought dat trophy is by power? Or by buying all the stars in the world? no is God that gives a club a trophy…wel wel wel mr traitor u av seen wat game is all about…i pity u coz dis is d end of ur career..hahahahahaha

  32. petit,viera(sold), anelka,flamin,hleb,ljuberg,pires(lefT) they were complete players & in good form they all regrets fab,nasri,clichy in good form bt nasri was not a complete player he ddnt av patience & he end a bench warmer he shuld av learned frm others he is idiot,to me y gunners end trophyless is bcoz of nasri& fab they weren’t hard wrkng while the team build on them i praise arteta,rosicky,song,jack to mention few in midfield compared to former, they r fghtn for team lets 4get cowards who ddnt trust their abilities bt want b surrounded by best players

  33. Why did i leave Arsenal bcos of CASH says Samir Nasir……….u earn ursf lousy shirt. Arteta jxt put u to bed. NAS ur career s on d fence. Lolz. Gunners al d way…..

  34. Na$ri wasn’t thinking till now that greedy money kills one’s life image.It was all over him when he was clapping leaving d pitch that it was a signal saying:”Wenger sir,pls take me back 4 free,even as a ball picker”.He should remembered what Pele told Robinho about money when he was going 2 MANCITY.

  35. One request to all gunner fans.Plz stop criticizing Ramsey.He is a good player.Give him some more time.I think next season you will see a better player in him.

  36. Nasri wore no 8 for us. How fitting it should be our new no 8 mr arteta who scored the winner yesterday!!!! Do one nasri you greedy little rat! 😉

  37. It was a great fooball match arsenal v mancity d beta side come out wit 3 point it‘z not a suprized cox my gunnaz did far beta dan city; Arsenal 4eva. 4Nasri come out n say i‘m sori 2 ur altimade soccer fada, wenger, forma team made n fanz

  38. Nasri made a huge mistake, we know it, he knows it, hell even the dogs on the street know it! he has to live with his choice and rue what might have been, lets be gracious and just say good luck to him in the future, cos i truly believe our team is now finally stronger mentally without him. as for ramsey i believe he simply is not good enough. look at last week he plays we lose. im not saying get rid of him just don’t play him till we have a comfortable cushion of goals in a game then bring him on as a sub, let him regain his confidence.

  39. Arsenal deserved to win. They playd better. As 4 Nasri, i think he should think abt d word ‘Patience’. Up Gunners.

  40. Let’s forget abt Nasri for nw,let’s talk abt the man who caused it all .that’s Mr Viera,a former arsenal star that convince nasri to leave arsenal for city.he told him that city is a future club.he is the one to be blame.I hate you Vieri

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