Nasri Seems To Support Wenger. Is He Mad?

Arsenal’s former attacking midfielder Samir Nasri seems to cheer for his former manager Arsene Wenger even if the Gunner fans have attacked him last time he was on the Emirates Stadium with City.

The lad seems to think that Wenger has all the right things to make it and that the manager’s philosophy is a very good one despite not having won any trophies in the last years and despite having a horrible run this season.

“You have to accept that sometimes it’s good to win ugly,”

“You don’t always have to play good football to win.

“Arsenal play good football, but after seven years they don’t win so that’s difficult for them.

“But the manager has a good philosophy. I know he will find a solution.

“I don’t want Arsenal to fall down. I want them to win things because I have respect for the players there and the manager.

“But I know from the start I made the right choice because we are top of the league and in the Europa League.

“After that, what Arsenal do doesn’t matter.”

If things were so pretty at Arsenal why did Nasri leave? This makes no sense and that’s why we have to face the fact that that Wenger’s policies are driving the players away rather than attracting them to the club.

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5 thoughts on “Nasri Seems To Support Wenger. Is He Mad?

  1. that boy nasri is a mad dog why is he alway talk about arsenal and not focus his mancity assigment? What is his problem with arsenal or arse wenger if its true that you dont want arsenal to go down and truelly love the player here why did you leave them why did you reject another deal with arsenal of which you know your departure will cost arsenal lots which is happening right now b’cos if you are here it would have assist arsenal greatly.
    You know it that this man foolish philosophy cannot work and you want medals and money that is why you reject arsenal you are where you want now so keep that your dirty mouth silent and remain on your own if you can’t speak the truth. Foolish boy idiot!

  2. It is nt mad,bt arsene wenger got a weakness dat allow clubs 2 beat us,tryin shot out side box 18,dat cn help arsenal,pls tel player 2 be playin shot,so i wnt arsene wenger 2 be doin dis by playin shot,so if u look ac.milan ball,there re many dat play shot,like cesena vs milan,milan score 2 in d first by scorin wit shot,so i wnt arsenal 2 be playin shot.

  3. Sometimes I wonder why Nasri keeps talking about us. The ingrate has left for Man. City because of its ‘money buys it all’ philosophy. Thanks but no thanks Samir, we know we are down now, but we will rise again. Just keep ur greedy mouth shut and try to keep your place on the bench.

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