Nasri still thinks he is better off with Man City!


The war between former Arsenal player Samir Nasri and Arsenal fans, especially the outspoken Piers Morgan, continue after the beating that City was handed by Arsene Wenger’s team yesterday.

A few Twitter attacks from Arsenal fans got the better of Samir Nasri who counter attacked, making things surely worse than they were when he left the club.

The French midfielder left in a terrible circumstances last summer, and Piers Morgan never forgave him for leaving the club for what he called to be “personal motivation”. According to Nasri, he didn’t leave for City’s money, but for a chance to win the trophy, and it’s exactly there where Morgan, amongst others, attacked him.

“Just wondered how that trophy cabinet’s coming along?”, tweeted Morgan, while Nasri replied with: “I’m aware what I said about titles. I’m sure I will lift a trophy with Man City before Arsenal.”

“And to all the Arsenal fans, move on. City are 10 points ahead of you. Just support your team and forget about me.”

This is sure to light up the war once again, and Nasri will probably never be able to play a game again on the Emirates Stadium without having every fan out there turn against him.

Do you think that Nasri deserves to get battered by Arsenal’s fans?

51 thoughts on “Nasri still thinks he is better off with Man City!

  1. i think its classless to attack our ex players. arsenal supporters should wish him well and move on.

    1. What??? He clearly showed us that he bloody hates us and couldn’t care less about the club nor the fans. I hope he’ll hear that for the rest of his sorry footballing life.

    2. Nasir deserve what he’s getting from Arsenal fans. His only reason 4 leavin Arsenal is bc of money not trophy as he claims…he’s d only reason why i prayed dat MAN CITY should go trophyless dis season.. More boos 2 him

  2. Nasri is not a smart guy, brilliant Footballer But Brain Dead otherwise. However, there is a point there about us moving on. He simply does not deserve our attention.

  3. What an ingrate.after shapin u 2bcme 1of d bst playas in EPL,u v d gods 2open ur filty mawt agnst Arsenal.

  4. He deserved it more than that and’ you will lift trophy with city before arsenal?when? Remember you a bench captain

  5. I am afraid he asked for it, he should play his football quietly and stop being a confrontationist.

  6. Nasri shouldnt be booed. he’s a player.all players are motivated by somthing, money or Trophies. With wenger not ready 2 make significant signing in d beginnin of the season, A good players who has eyes all over him will opt for a more benefittin club

  7. i knew he’d win nothing the moment he made those comments. so to nasri insert foot in mouth and dont choke on that humble pie

  8. We shuldn’t blame nasri bcos it evry playa dream 2 lift up trophy.even though he did it in a wrong way.i wil plead dat arsenal fans shuld 4give he and move on wit live.afta al nọ playa wil play 4 arṣl through his foọtbal live.let us leave him

  9. He is better off than City, they’re 10 points ahead and they pay him far more money than we could ever offer. Don’t you guys get it? He moved to make lots of money and that’s exactly what he’s done, he got exactly what he wanted.

  10. nasri am very sorry.u cannt collect notin wif man city except disgrace.if by now with d quality of player u are playing with u didnt come out with anything then it means all of u there are a waste.bewear of dat 2nd position u re.coz better teams are coming

  11. Well he too needs to move on because apparently he is caught up in this exchange of words with fans.

  12. absolutely correct. Nasri put his interests beyond that of da club dat made him who he is today. he’ll nvr win anything b4 us…

  13. nasri you might have conned mancini the oil boys and the mancs but you never conned wenger or the arsenal fans arsehole

  14. Leave him to rest in his bed of cash, doesnt look the same quality since he left his MENTOR

  15. Screw nasri! I jes lov d way tinz ar goin 4 him n besids he went on 4d money n letz nt 4get dat wat goes arnd wil definately cum arnd!! I laughs.

  16. Did Nasri play ? Sorry I must have missed it. He wasn’t much of a factor was he? He is very overated. Had 1/2 a season that was good and really hasn’t done much. Good tweeter though. Keep up the tweeting Nasri. yawn…

  17. He is a fool, a guy lik him dos not av d gut 2 tell wenga wat he is seying,let 4get about him and mov on wit ar lovly club,he is just an a bypass.idiot lik him.

  18. a Question for nasri, does he think he have a future with man city? He should look @ his performance when he was with us and and now that he is with man city, can they be comparable?

  19. Nasri was a great player for Arsenal and I was at the Emirates yesterday and clear to me he is still a great player. Not playing in a proper football team anymore sadly. The comment from sam first up is 100% correct, not stylish attacking explayers, leave that to a deluded tosser like Piers Morgan who knows nothing about football and less about loyalty.

  20. Arsenal will win a trophy before city, and this year is the only year city will ever get the chance too top us, if things stand this way, an for nasri he just lost his place in france starting 11. Just because of money. Is a pity for him

  21. Tanks to d arsenal faithful for knwing our no.1 enemi,as for me,nasri you ar d one who is going 2 let man.c go on trophyless dis season,i can bet wit u,u not going to lift trophy until u leave england bcos u betrale us,go to hell;>

  22. Nasri is digging himself a hole. He left b/c fabregas was “destined” to leave without garunteed quality replacements, for money, and to play with some amazing world renowned players. Now that aside, I still despise man sh*tty and hope we crush them as often as possible, but he shouldn’t be stoking this constant fire of arsenal v man sh*tty. without backing it up on the pitch. He’s a joke atm.

  23. When the tatters of citehs season have been investiagted is Nasri so sure he will even be there next season! Over paid, under commited, 1/2 season wonder – seems that adding 2 & 2 is past him, figure it out Samir citeh are the second underachievers he has appeared for, hmm now what is the similar point within both!

  24. Yes. He did a mockery of arsenal didnt show d heart dt ces showed he left nd said bad things ces stil don’t do dt. Jst leave him guys he’s already a pain to himself. . . . We wil rock d tittle b4 he or citeh sniff it.

  25. Thing is man city are supposed to have such a great squad full of world class players but have they? zabaletta clichy kolarov richards kolo toure savic lescott balotelli johnson barry milner nasri pizarro even yaya toure and dzeko i am not sure any of that would get in our first x1 i wouldnt take hart over szcesney either

  26. Nasri is an ingrate and an ungreatful person.It is very clear u left for money.How many seasons has he played for Arsenal to complain we can’t win trophies?If Cesc or even Clichy did,we will understand because these two have served well.To those that watched the match,please be sincere,is Nasri better to Rosicky even at his age?He’s (Nasri) a good player but there’s never a time a player(s) will or can be greater than a club.Before Nasri came to Arsenal,don’t he know how many trophies Arsenal has won or our history?Truely Nasri,money cannot buy trophies.For the fact that u are in M.C does not mean or guarantee they’ll win a trophy before Arsenal.

  27. hi lads im originally from marseille(franceand you know what i hate nasrsi,s gut too,loved the guy when he played for us but the way he left shameful i think!my love for arsenal is greater than my love for any player ,hopefully rvp has learnt from mistakes from some of our ex players.UP THE GUNNERS!!

  28. Nasri hasn’t seen anything yet, he looks vunerable in thinking, he 4get so soon dat Arsene Wenger made him one of d EPL favourites, he show how greedy he was when he left arsenal to man. city for big money. Somebody should remind him of A. Hleb, M. Flamini & d rest

  29. Wel nasir deserve dat, if i wil b opportune 2 meet him 1 on 1 d devil wil tel him wen he was born he made cry 4 2weeks culdnt eat i so much love him my gal alway complain about my lov 4 him

  30. Nasir, you should buried your head in shames cos what you thought was not what you got. Arsenal is bigger than any player that comes to play there. So, u deserve what you got. Up gooners.

  31. Na$ri should not be too sure he will win trophies at City before Arsenal because if they land a better player in his position, he may be loaned to Tottenham or even Watford next season. That has happened to Adebayor and Graig Bellamy in the past.

  32. I once saw a shirt with “Jesus of Nasri” on the back of it, I think “Judas of Nasri” would be more appropriate…

  33. Put it this way if nasri walked past me I’d rip his ugly little face off. Trator money grabbing scum

  34. There was a reason he was left out of the 2010 France WC squad, even though he was supposed to be in the golden generation(w/Ben Arfa and Benzema).
    I honestly never really cared for him while he was at Arsenal, but never voiced this sentiment then. Because I support every Arsenal player. He has continually shown his class since leaving, in contrast to Toure, Clichy, Fabregas, etc.

  35. Nasri left in a manner i’ll term ‘inappropriate’. For him to leave Arsenal on d grounds dat he wants to win trophies, indirectly, he’s sayñ dat Arsenal can neva win a trophy. Now dis is an indirect insult and let-down to d club. Is it nt 2ru d hardwrk of d playrs dat trophies are won? Nasri was nt wilin to wrk hard 4 Arsenal, he wantd gud things to cm easily and i’m hapi he left. Though he has made d biggest mistake in his career, d way he left wil always make fans to criticize him.

  36. I feel sorry for Samir Nasir. He is a player and should be given a little bit space to breathe. This hatred won’t help but rather infuriate the situation. All players are hungry for money, trophies and fame and nasri is not exceptional to this. Please let us avoid the booing to and let football flow.

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