New Arsenal signing will train with first team immediately

It seems that Arsenal have definitely secured the signing of the young Polish midfielder KRYSTIAN BIELIK and the youngster has revealed his conversations with Arsene Wenger about how his future has been planed out.

Usually Le Prof doesn’t allow academy entrants to go straight into training with the Arsenal first team squad, but he obviously thinks that Bielik could be something special for his age.

Beliek admitted that it was not going to be easy to move to a new country in the beginning. He said: “I confess that I’m a little bit afraid. Only a madman would have no concerns. However, you have to be confident, and I’m sure in myself and my abilities.

“If I go it’s not to be more in the media, but just to fulfil dreams and fight for a place in the line-up. “I’m not saying that at once I’ll be in the Arsenal starting XI, but I would like to be an important and positive figure in the eyes of coach Wenger.

“Wenger said what he sees in me, then asked me about my strengths. It turns out that we had a similar opinion.

“He said I would start training with the first-team under his guidance, and then it all depends on me. “He knows that I have the skills, and I am determined to win and he wants to sign me as soon as possible to start working with me.

“I would train with the first-team and play in the junior teams – U18, U19 or U21 — and Wenger says that if I am good enough to stay in the first team, I will remain in it.”

Considering Arsenal are desperate for a young tough defensive midfielder, it is great news that the boss believes Bielik could already be preparing to replace the aging Flamini and Arteta, but I find it hard to believe he will be playing in any competition other than the League Cup in the next two seasons….

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