Newcastle Midfielder Urges Hazard To Choose Arsenal Over Tottenham


Former Lille midfielder Yohan Cabaye has advised his former colleague Eden Hazard to make the move to England as soon as possible, feeding the rumours about his move furthermore.

According to Newcastle’s midfielder, the Lille star should move to England where he’d surely make an amazing stand, and he seems to think that even though Tottenham’s offer is a good one worthy of Hazard’s attention, the move the Belgian must make is across town at Arsenal.

“Eden and England would go very well together,” Cabaye told L’Equipe. “Tottenham is a good club even if, right now, there are some troubles with the coach. Arsenal, it would be really good.

“Lille is quite similar to both in terms of game or mind. After, I do not know if he is in touch with Arsenal but I think it would be the right club for him.”

Arsenal have been linked with Hazard for over two seasons now, but despite Wenger’s summer bids the move didn’t go through because Lille wanted to have a strong team for the Champions League group stage. Given that the strategy didn’t go too good for them, they would be looking to sell him now but Arsenal are sure to face strong competition from Man United as well as Spurs.

2 thoughts on “Newcastle Midfielder Urges Hazard To Choose Arsenal Over Tottenham

  1. Can`t comment on his talents only what I`ve read but it will come down to money ,so I can`t see him coming to the Emirates. That, however, is not meant as a criticism of Wenger.

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