Nicklas Bendtner: “My judgement has been less than perfect recently”


The on-loan Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has been quickly losing respect for his childish actions and outbursts over the last six months, which has culminated in his arrest for alleged criminal damage and exposure on the front pages after an “arrogant” display at a pizza restaurant after a night out.

It seems that somebody has tried to get some sense into his thick head and he has attempted to atone for his errors by issuing a grovelling apology to Sunderland fans.

“Dear friends, fans, Sunderland and family,” Bendtner stated. “The past couple of weeks have seen me involved in several incidents that have attracted much negative attention from the media. The latest involves two of my team-mates and me who were picked up by polite and friendly English policemen as CCTV footage allegedly shows us in the process of damaging parked cars after a wet night out on the town. This case now has to make its way through the British system of justice and a verdict is expected by February next year.

“I apologise that I have allowed myself to get involved in things that are interpreted in such dramatic fashion. I fully assume responsibility for not distancing myself from these incidents before they got out of hand. I am sorry I have let so many people down. Basically I am a normal guy with an extraordinary job.”

“In connection with a birthday celebration with my girlfriend I was part of an incident at a pizzeria in Copenhagen where my credit card got rejected,” Bendtner continued. “I bet you all know the feeling but in this case it was also described in the media.”

“I now promise to concentrate fully on football,”

“It means that in the upcoming time I won’t be involved in extracurricular activities – like too many parties or interviews about my persona. Trust takes time to build and I now can see how quickly it disappears.

“I admit my sense of judgment has been less than perfect lately. Going forward, I will do all I can do in order to honour the trust that you, my fans, my friends and my lovely family show me every single day. Nothing short of the best is good enough for you and it is something I haven’t produced for you lately. See you – on the pitch. Warm greetings, Nicklas.”

Bendtner certainly hasn’t been playing like “the best striker in the world” for Sunderland lately, and if he really wants to earn a move to another Champions League club next summer then he really needs to pulll his socks up and start doing some talking on the pitch, instead of in the tabloids!

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