Nketiah may be a killer, but Arsenal still need another striker


“In Front Of Goal, He Just Looks Like A Finisher” Promising Gunner Labeled A Danger To PL Goalies

Arsenal faced West Ham in the Premier League, picking up where they left off before the World Cup. The Gunners defeated the Hammers 3-1, continuing their impressive league record of 13 wins, 1 draw, and 1 defeat. That victory demonstrated to Arsenal’s Premier League rivals that they are a team that does not rely solely on one star. Many predicted that Arsenal would struggle without the injured Gabriel Jesus after overlooking Eddie Nketiah as a replacement. Nketiah only needed one chance to show why he should be the one to lead Arsenal’s offence in the future. Following his goal against West Ham, Premier League legend Michael Owen described the academy graduate as a “natural finisher”.

“When he gets in that position, this guy can finish. We’ve watched games today where it’s not the centre forward’s strength, let’s say, to be an absolute killer in front of goal. This lad does finish. He’s a born finisher,” Owen said about Nketiah.

“You can just tell. You can see in front of goal. He just looks like a finisher. He’s calm; he’s collected. All the pressure in the world can be on you but when you’re a goalscorer that’s what you’ve honed your skills in all your life. His goal tonight was absolutely brilliant. I loved how he felt for his man. He just felt where he was and knew where he was, then he rolled him.”

If you consider Owens’ claim, you’d think Arteta’s attack is in good hands, but is it? I don’t know about you, but even though Nketiah has the ability to cover for Jesus, I believe the club should go out and sign another striker as backup.


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