Now is the time for Arsenal fans to be POSITIVE

Today is the big day! The opening day of the Premier League season! And it’s the beginning of what will surely be yet another tough campaign for the Gunners. We have inflicted our own wounds by not making any additions to this team, and it has been made even worse by the decision to let go of a staggering amount of players without finding any replacements as of yet. However this is a message to the fans to say, we should get behind our team today.

We have been far too negative in recent weeks and although we ultimately have a reason to be angry, depressive, maybe even a little feel a little humiliated, we need to get behind the team today. Whatever starting XI is named we need to show our full support, have a positive mind-set and create a fantastic atmosphere. Whether you’re going to the game or not, don’t be hostile! Show your support for the team you have because it’s not the players, or the managerial staff that you have grown attached to, it is the club and ultimately the club has remained the same ever since you first became aware of it. The only way it has changed is the people that represent it.

We all know that the players and management staff alike recognise the Arsenal fans’ frustration. Many players and even Wenger himself has admitted to understanding the frustration of the fans and I’m sure they are all frustrated too, so the last thing they will need is a load of boos and aggressive chanting aimed at the club for the opening game of the season. It won’t do us any favours and honestly it’s not going to have any effect on Wenger at this current moment.

The squad is already thin, struggling with injuries, quality and perhaps most important, new signings however the one thing that this team does have, and has been shown over the course of this summer is a strong team spirit. Don’t ruin the last of our remaining positivity, especially not for the first game. I reiterate that they are aware of our frustration and so although it’s inevitable the subject of transfers will come up, and I don’t disregard this one bit, but what I do feel will cause an upset amongst the team is if we make the anger voiced across the stadium. It won’t do anyone any favours at all. Voice it before the game or after the game, but for 90 minutes lets settle down and watch the Arsenal, hopefully get back to winning ways and start off the season with a win over Aston Villa!

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3 thoughts on “Now is the time for Arsenal fans to be POSITIVE

  1. Support the team the players and roar us on to victory. But at the same time the board and the manager need to know we are unhappy abput the lies and feel betrayed. We are paying top dollar for 4th at best and enough is enough.
    If you went to a restaurant and paid up front for a steak but was then given meat substitute or a burger you would complain. Would u return to that restaurant 30-40 times a year for 8 years well I highly doubt it.
    The board and manager are taking the piss and I for one have had enough, until I see the club showing the same ambition as me they will not be getting my hard earned cash.

  2. I leave the direction of my behaviour and attitude to the performance of the team … If they want cheers and applause, win and win in style. If they lose and /or lose playing poorly then boos will aimed directly at Wenger and the board.

  3. Yes. Positively negative…. rvp was so right. I see Santi moving soon too and podolski and koscielny and wilshere. Someone Pls buy Arsenal before stan and ivan have us fighting relegation come 2014.

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