After the Arsenal and England star Theo Walcott failed to impress in his first international start for 18 months against Italy last night it made it all the more likely that Arsene Wenger might be ready to call it a day with the player we signed as a promising teenager back in 2006.

With Walcott nearing the final year of his current Arsenal contract and no signs of an easy renewal between club and player on the horizon, and with not many games left of the season for Walcott to convince Arsene Wenger to keep him in north London, the summer represents our best chance of getting a decent transfer fee.

And there is interest in him, according to a Metro, as Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have joined Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool in preparing to offer Walcott the chance to remain in the Premier League.

I am sure Wenger and the Arsenal fans would much rather see Theo move to another country if we are to sell him, but unless a good enough bid comes in from abroad, we might not have a lot of choice. Will Wenger really let Walcott join former Gunners like Nasri, Cole, van Persie and more go and play for a direct Premier League rival?

1 thought on “Now TWO English rivals to bid for Arsenal star

  1. I think the ball is on Theo Walcott’s court to play, performance wise. Will he score, shoot to the goalkeeper’s hands, hit the woodwork, narrowly missed the target or balloon it over the bar? Those are the determinants that will convince the boss to offer or not to him an improved deal he is demanding. He can’t force an improved deal save he arguments it with some decisive goal winners in our 2 home games and 2 away games with Liverpool and Chelsea. And to Manchester United and Reading at Wembly. 4 games goals or 4 winning goals in 4 big games. will definitely give Walcott the improved deal he is soughting after. I should believe.

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