O’Neill – No talks with Arsenal over Nicklas Bendtner

The Arsenal flop Bendtner might return to the Emirates Stadium in the summer according to Sunderland coach Martin O’Neil. The manager claims that even though Bendtner’s evolution this season was a good one, no official talks have been made yet and his situation at the club remains unknown.

Bendtner joined Sunderland this season on loan from Arsenal, but his time at the new club also brought a few downs as the striker caused a few scandals.

“Nicklas has done very well for us recently and I’m very happy about that,” O’Neill told the Sunderland Echo.

“Hopefully he can keep it going and that will be to the benefit of everyone – himself and us.

“But we’ve not contacted Arsenal or Nicklas himself.

“We’ve not entered into any discussions at all – with any of the loan players. Let’s just see what the end of the season brings.

“There’s no point in trying to enter into talks anyway – you wouldn’t be in any sort of position to do so.”

Bendtner’s temper and lack of discipline won’t help his cause, and even though he didn’t have a bad season at Sunderland a return to Arsenal would be untenable for both him and the club after his statements saying he would never play for Arsenal again.

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