Only pre-season but should Arsenal fans worry after Chelsea loss?

Arsenal fans are not generally well known for our calm and understated response to anything to do with our club, players or the newly contracted manager, so there were always going to be some Gooners taking the comprehensive defeat we got at the hands of Chelsea to heart, and perhaps too seriously.

As reported by Metro, Arsene Wenger said after the game that it had been a long a gruelling tour and that the Arsenal players looked jaded. I agree to be fair and the heat and humidity out in China has been tough to cope with.

We should not forget that a lot of the players were hit by this sickness bug as well, or that Wenger has used a lot of young and inexperienced players as he did once again against a strong Chelsea team. So should we just put this pre-season result our of our minds and accept it was just part of the training and build up to the new season?

To a certain extent I would say so but I will be more concerned if there is not a better showing in the two Emirates Cup games next weekend. If Arsenal play poorly in them, will it be time to hit the panic button?

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One thought on “Only pre-season but should Arsenal fans worry after Chelsea loss?

  1. Yes it is preseason and should be considered so alone. However this is a reflection of Wenger attitude in the past ten plus years that have cost Arsenal trophies – He mentioned it is a friendly that is not a friend, so why start with inexperience players against chelsea? This has been a recurring patch for the club. If it occurs in this season coming the EPL league will still be illusive.

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