The Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was a surprise inclusion in the England squad to go to the Euros, but it was even more of a shock that he was picked to start in England’s most important Group Game against France yesterday.

But, as always, the 18 year-old kept his feet firmly planted on the Ukranian ground and was just pleased that he Roy Hodgson had faith in him to do the job, although he admitted that he didn’t get much chance to show his breakneck speed against the tough French defence. He looked pretty strong when he went forward and looked like he’s taken a high dose of hmb to help his muscle development!

The Ox said after the game: “Yeah it was a surprise to be picked, everything’s just coming to me as a surprise at the moment!

“But I have to remind myself that I was one of the initial players picked for the squad. I’m here to do this job and, when called, I’ve got to make sure I’m ready.

“Obviously I’m delighted to get the call and then you’ve just got to get your mind around the game.”

“I think I did okay,” Oxlade-Chamberlain continued. “I think it was a bit frustrating at times for me to get into space and do what I like to do and run at people and find space out wide.

“But we like to play compact and I think we had to against a good French team who almost overloaded the midfield.

“Obviously I’m delighted to represent my country and I gave everything, but tonight wasn’t about me, it was about the team and getting a good result.

“Against a good French side we’ll take a draw, we’ll move on and we’ll get something from there.”

Although he had a couple of chances it seemed that the French strategy was to cynically drag him to the floor every time he used his speed to try and get through their lines, but he was obviouly not in awe of the occasion and can only improve as the competition goes on.

Perhaps he will be England’s secret weapon?

3 thoughts on “Oxlade-Chamberlain happy with England performance

  1. I watched the game for as long as the Ox was on the pitch and was delighted to see him show case his abilities. Apparently, the French had their game plan for him and had to hack him down a number of times. Even Nasri had a go at him. It also looked to me that the older English players did not give him the ball as much as they should hence limiting his contribution. He had an amazing run past a number of French players which culminated in a defense splitting pass to Welbeck who obviously is no RVP. The young man has so much in his lockers and I am looking forward to him unleashing them – for Arsenal.

  2. i agree with u Mohamed that the older players were not using the ox as much as they shud have.maybe they wanted one of the more experienced players to take his place,e.g Downing.

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