Oxlade-Chamberlain – I haven’t made it yet at Arsenal so i’ll keep working until I do!


The young Arsenal starlet Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has burst on to the scene at the Emirates and has impressed everyone with his performances so far, and has even been talked about being a pat of the England squad to go to the Euros this summer.

But Chamberlain himself has kept his feet on the ground and is humble enough to know that he hasn’t really made the big time yet and won’t let all the hype get to him. He said: “I just don’t read too much into it at all,”

“I know in myself what I want to achieve and it’s nice that people do talk you up and give you hype but at the moment I’m not where I want to be.

“Until I get there I’m not going to pat myself on the back and I will just keep working until I get there.

“My personality is that I just take things in my stride, take things as they come and go along with it. I don’t think into things too much, I just let them happen and take shape.

“As long as I stay focused on my goals and my aims I just let the rest take care of itself. I don’t think you can be too fazed in certain situations because you just put yourself under added pressure and that’s not going to help you in a positive way.”

There are many youngsters who fall by the wayside when they start getting massive pay-packets and stat a champagne lifestyle, but I get the feeling that The Ox is not going to be one of them…….

1 thought on “Oxlade-Chamberlain – I haven’t made it yet at Arsenal so i’ll keep working until I do!

  1. He genuinely seems to have class and maturity already.
    I know everyone wants to see him running around in the Premier League,but he’s a baby and has a long,long career in front of him.
    Let’s hope that career is exclusively played out for Arsenal.

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