Pep Guardiola set to take over at Arsenal as Wenger experiment ends in failure

It is being reported that the Arsenal board are in talks to try and persuade the Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola to take up the challenge of turning the misperforming Gunners back into trophy winners.

Barcelona are set to miss out on the La Liga title this season for the first time in Guardiola’s four-year tenure, and the coach himself has admitted that he hasn’t yet decided to extend his contract at the Nou Camp beyond this summer.

Guardiola said last night: “I can’t be at such a demanding club without being certain that I have the strength to do it,”

“I still don’t have it clear in mind. When I am sure then the club will know. To renew my contract, I have to feel it. We have been together for four years and the decision needs to be thought out thoroughly.

“I feel that it is better to have a bit more time. If that is okay then fine, if not then too bad. I have to be true to myself.”

According to the Mail this morning, Wenger will be offered a place on the board after seven years without a trophy, and the change of direction will also include substantial transfer funds to be released to the new manager.

Wenger’s youth policy has been found wanting and the Arsenal board now realise that drastic times calls for drastic action, and if they can get Guardiola to move to the Emirates it will certainly help the club to attract some big names back to the club, and perhaps persuade Robin Van Persie to stay?

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51 thoughts on “Pep Guardiola set to take over at Arsenal as Wenger experiment ends in failure

  1. yes that is good ideal for arsenal board to take pep guardiola to emirate the former manager asen wen ger is the bad man in this world is the most worsted coach in the football coaching plse hi beg arsenal board in the name of god to bring guardiola to the emirate if it is not possible arsenal board to bring pep guardiola to emirate then should talk to another coach so that arsenal will back to wining way plse i beg make it possible sack arsen wenger and get another coach the man have try a lot let him leave and find is way arsenal fans are woory plse find a solution time is goining seven years without a trophy is a shame

    1. Pls if you don’t have anything smart and intelligent to say, and most importantly how to type proper grammer please quite blogging. Saying Wenger is the worst coach is beyond my imagination. In truth he hasn’t gotten it right going to seven years now, but that is not a tastament of his lack of tactical know-how. He is one of the world’s best in management and developing young players. Any team in this world (Madrid, Barca, Milan, Inter e.t.c) will die to have him manage their team. So dude get your facts right. I am a true gunner and i am sick to my stomach at our poor state of affairs which ultimately emanates from the bunch of horrible players we possess. The guys are letting him down and damm it! he has a hand in it by signing wrong players, but as for his tactics and technical ability don’t even think about ridiculing it. BTW: your grammatical writing is a disgrace to me as a Nigerian and as a pure gunner!

      1. Agree totally – ~Wenger is a good coach who has lost his way. I still think that Wenger should leave the economics of the club alone. After all, when SAF needs players he just gives the Board the list – how they pay for them is up to the Board not the Manager.

  2. @opeyemi wat do u knw about footbal & coaching? U can’t even speak good english & u re here condeming a man who has achieved great things 4 d club. U re not a true arsenal fan, ur kind disgusts me

  3. Bull, Pep must stay at Barca. Wenger is still the man for the job. I always said the board ar to blame…they are the ones who only want profits, no trophies. Let’s see in the summer if they give funds. Saying all this, our current players must wake up if they want to cement the 3rd or 4th spot. They need to be more physical, not put thei hands up asking for free kicks, we saw that yesterday….he’ll they were like babies, especially Vermaelen, whom I think is tired of playing left back. Song was our best player, and when moved to defense he pals better then our normal defenders like Sqilacci an Djouru. If the team can get it right, they can even reverse that 4-0 deficit at the emirates
    With the right attitude, not conceding, attack from start, get Early goals… the Henry, Pires days.

  4. Wenger should should be sacked immediately cos we are tied of umil iation even at emirates gadiola ire welcome at emirates wenger plz give us break. Shame on yesterday results useless

  5. Im arsenal fan,s 4ever,,but i we never keep my mind on our foolish board ,and bastard,coach,,ontill official ,news,,bcos they,re hand join 2gether,,,so i did,t belivery everyone of you,,but I love my club ,,up Arsenal

  6. Pep will neva manage Arsenal they are too stingy,maybe ManC or Chelsea as they have deep pockets.Arsenal have become an ordinary side why leave Barca and come to mediocre team with no money to spend come on. If u cnt afford Cahil/Samba.hw do big players come in Gudbye RVP. u

  7. My knee jerk reaction to Pep joining Arsenal is: ” if the board can give give him the money why can`t they give it to Wenger”?
    Secondly,” if Wenger is the stumbling block why promote him to the board”?
    Guardiola would cause a few heart attacks in the boardroom.
    Maybe that`s what we need? lol

    1. ‘The Board would never appoint Pep – he would ask for 100mil and there would certainly be heart-attacks all round, even though they do have the money.

  8. I know that pep coming to Arsenal might just be a dream cos the exit of Wenger at this time lies in the hand of the board. Its quite shameful that well known Wenger has lost sense of good coaching, why this time? Arsenal is now struggling almost in every match they play, its pretty sad. Anyway, I want the best for the team, am just a fan, I didn’t invest my money into the club, let’s those that invested make their best decision to move the team forward. Am forever a Gunner fan no matter what!

  9. Not only guardiola,any coach in d whole wide world can do the job.Arsenal as a team has a pattern of play but no players to execute can u rely on ramsey as a creative player n one thing i hate in wenger is that he always over rate this below average players.this man call wenger knows what to do but he may feel that people may laugh @ him for his failed plan(youth development).he should know that time is up for him @ Arsenal

  10. if board make this real as they surgest it will be the most positive thing that ever happen in arsenal because i believe this man has lost it absolutely.

  11. Arsenal need the ff: quality left and ryt bk and Ajax Vertongh , 2quality Central midfielders like Mvilla and Annan from Ghana and 2 quality strikers like Agyemang(Gabon) and …. then sell dead wood …u know ol f them.Then Arsenal will get back to winning ways

    1. As a matter of fact,we should accept the fact that in a span of seven days we are out in both FA n UEFA.The coming in of Guardiola are good news but thats going way to far.There are the likes of Martin Oneil,Bergcamp these are quality managers who I believe can deliver something.Come to the players,i hate the way Wenger points out talents n never gets them to emirates.He has been a manager before but hes humiliating us in every match played.I stick to being a gooner.

  12. ya ryt….those who believe this story are fools. Gurdiola will never come to a looser club lyk arsenal. Arsenal is not football club. It’s a business centre.

  13. Why blamn arsene Wenger?He his NT @ fault @ all,but da board.Av we all 4gotten 2008 or 2009 wen emirates the soul sponsor zed that,they are not interested in winning trophies but being in top 4 efry season.Pls stop blamn Wenger

    1. Type good english for all to read and understand pls for blogging sake!!!! you aren’t texting your classmate or friend….

  14. It is regrettably shameful and shamefully regrettable to have a sort of deficiently insufficient and insufficiently deficient old rickety Arsene Wenger who keeps a host of sufficiently inexperieced players for a valued club like Arsenal ! He’s really the one who always mess up and distort every possible success for the club…….oops! Pls Pep take over and restore the confidence we have in the club!

    1. The best, funniest, crazy, truthful and most hilarious blog i have ever seen…..cracked me up all day…..keep it up bro….let out your emotion….

  15. What a load of garbage. Where does he say he will come to Arsenal? The board would not go behind Wengers back just yet. Also stingy Stan will give no-one any money to spend. Pep will go To Manure or ChelskiThe best thing for Arsenal is to get rid of the board and get in Usmanov and force Wengers to buy new players and do it before the fair play rules kick in or we will be stuck with a naff team.

  16. To me, wenger has fail as a coach his youth policy is out of date. To those who are backing wenger, has wenger complain dat the board is not giving money to sign quality player? Wenger is d problem of Arsenal. Long live d gunners

  17. would sir alex have lasted 7years without a transfer budget. wegner is not the problem. Give him the money to get players. Do you really think wegner wanted to sell febragas ,nasri,clichy,henry. no big name coach would come to arsenal. And if wegner are forced to go to madrid, he will take rvp and ox with him.

  18. I am shockd at some fans…I bleave in wenger nd sum players..My problem is wit d board. U guys keep tinking dat guadiola is a good manager,i laugh u all..Wenger is far beta dan guadiola bcos, guadiola is coaching barca wich is an already-made team so he is nt doing anytin there..If he come to arsnl, things wil get worse

  19. I have been a gooner for about thirty years
    I worked as a steward at highbury for two years

    There have been good times and bad times

    Sounds like most of the moaning about wenger comes from young fans who never saw the genius of wenger.

    He discovered patrick viera. Viera and petit were the heart of French world cup winning side. Where we’re they before? Nowhere.
    Petit scored in world Cup final. An arsenal player scored in the wc final!

    Nic anelka was a million. We sold him to real Madrid for over twenty.

    Oh no why did wenger sell viera and anelka We will never survive. HAve you met Thierry Henry and fabregas. Name one other manager with that kind of track record.

    Of course it’s gonna be hard to replace quality but if anyone can do it it’s wenger. Players love him. They know he improves players.

    So here’s my problem. When something goes wrong you have to look at what’s changed.

    The board is what has changed. I don’t know what is going on but we repeatedly hear about the arsenal sustainable model and business.

    Well name one other business where this much attrition of revenue stream (no champs league rev next year potentially. Only one notable profit making asset available to sell. Poor league form. Shorter cup runs all mean considerably less money) did not culminate in a major review. Which we all know leads to cost cutting and redundancies.

    Best thing that can happen right now is for usmanov to get thirty percent and gain access to books so we can really now what’s going on

    Like why did mata not sign for us
    Could we have asked for more from barca for cesc
    Why did we sign park

    Who else did we bid for

    When we have this info we will better understand why wenger has not bought big or held on to players

    I agree with a lot of fans who do not believe arsenal have ambition for competitive success at board level. So long as there is 15 mill profit each year. Unfortunately that looks like its coming from selling right now.

    It is right to judge wenger but do not forget this is new low in performance for a man wanted by real Madrid and the French national team to name two

    What’s the link between those two? No problem board to keep happy.

    I don’t know the answer to this but do any of kroenkes teams excel??? Just a thought

    1. I have been a gunner fan for 44 years and have been through the bad times (and good) since 1966. I once stood on the North Bank on a January day in 1970?? freezing my nuts off watching Arsenal slog through the snow against Sheff Utd and losing 1-0 (I believe the scorer was Tony Currie but I might be wrong). I vowed “never again” but of course I came back, it was in the blood. Young supporters want it now, they have been spoiled by Wenger last 15 years, they should have been supporters during the reign of Don Howe, Terry Neill etc then they should count themselves lucky to have AW. However, I think he needs to look at himself in the mirror and ask “where am I going wrong”

  20. It is unfair to talk to mr wenger like that,but mind u,if u bring ur best coach(gardiola) to arsenal to manage dis players he might be worst than wenger.get it right d problem is wit board and not the coach.

  21. I dont think Wenger is working hard on training. Cus players commit the same mistake n lacks making the right substitutes. I know he make great work in the past but at this time he doesnt deserve to manage the gunners. We have to face the reality

  22. Arsenal as a club under Wenger should not have a single fan because they don’t about the fans. The board, the manager are very very wicked.

  23. Wenger has always said if he had the money he’d spend it, obviously he’s not getting the money and support from the board.

    Wenger is a top, top manager, who has been let down by certain members of his squad. Its been a massive re-building year. Look at city its taken them 3-4 years to re-build their squad and with a massive cash injection, its going to take wenger some time to re-build this team.

    But he must know who is really letting him down and who isnt. We have a lot of players out on loan at the moment and they were all players who let us down last year, and we will be able to get rid of a lot more players who have let us down this season.
    We can’t bring any new players in because we have a full squad and fair play rules are stopping us from bringing in new talent until summer when the real transfers will happen.

    Wenger should not and will not go.
    He loves the club and is trying his best to do what he can with what he’s got.
    Lets hope the board and the Arsenal fans start giving him the backing that he needs to bring success back to the club.

    1. Arsenal have players out on loan who should not be, Ryo, Frimpong, Lansbury etc. Why are they on loan, they are better than what we’ve got

  24. no surprise we went out theb 2 cups in a week..its what wenger does year on year. He claims we are in 4 competitions and boasts about that..then we collapse in a few days!….thats why ive never believed in the hype and spin that he has fooled us fan with foryears. WENGER OUT FOR GODS SAKE!

  25. I think we should not throw away the fact that we cannot have it alright always . Yes probably Wenger has had his better days in arsenal and he is due for replacement , quite well but we should also remember that even if this man leaves today , He ‘s still the most successful manager the club ever had. Wenger has a poor policy in terms of not going for big guns but I totally disagree with the man who tagged him the worst coach in the world . Give this your Guordiolla these unspirited players and let me see where the season will end. Guordiolla is putting his contract extension on hold cos he came to terms with himself that is he actually a good manager or the successes lie more in the quality the team Barcelona is made of . A change in policy may turn around the tides of things in the club , I tell u this man Wenger remains one of the most tactical individual to have managed a football club

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