Picture to give every Arsenal fan a warm glow!!

The new season has hardly got started, with Arsenal having played just one Premier League game so far, but we are already having a mini injury crisis. When I looked the other day, there were six first team players supposedly on the sidelines and there had been no mention of Abou Diaby in any of the matchday squads, ominously.

diaby training
So when I saw this picture on Arsenal.com today, I breathed a huge sigh of relief. With Mikel Arteta out and still no movement from Arsene Wenger in the transfer window for that tricky deep midfield position, having the lanky Frenchman available again really could be like having a new signing.

And with just over a week to go before the transfer window shuts and a hugely important second leg Champions League play-off game with Besiktas coming up on Wednesday, Diaby should soon be appearing on a football pitch near you. If he is fit enough, I expect to see him start against Everton on Saturday, but it is probably more likely that he will come on as a sub and perhaps start on Wednesday. That European game is the one that we really need to be positive in and it is at the Emirates, whereas Everton away is one where we need to be solid and make sure we don’t lose. Maybe that job is more suited to Mathieu Flamini. Who do you think should play?

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2 thoughts on “Picture to give every Arsenal fan a warm glow!!

  1. Doesn’t really fill me with much warmth to be honest! Why is he still atbthe club? He has the worst injury record of any player I have ever heard of. He has missed so many years that he will never be the player he could have been and I refuse to get my hopes on him again because: 1. Going by his history not likely to go the full season and 2. By remaining at the club he is stopping a new dm coming to us as wenger will be forever hopefull.

  2. One sec Mojo, Diaby is someone’s brother, son, bread winner, mentor, etc. Consider for one minute if you fall into any of the aforementioned categories. His injuries are as frustrating for him as with everyone who knows what a fully fit and in form Diaby can do. Definitely moreso for him because he wears the shoe and he knows where it pinches more than any of us. I fail to see how he can be blamed for his seemingly unending injuries. He deserves some slack and some slice of good fortune, some prayer even, from every true fan of this great club.

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