First of all lets come to terms of the headline and although it may seem from that, that Higuain has already signed for the Gunners, sadly I cannot confirm that, as can nobody else as of yet so don’t get your hopes up too high.

But even despite the recent talk and probable confusion over the whole situation, which has admittedly become more frustrating than Cesc Fabregas going to Barcelona, also beating the unfortunate case of Juan Mata who ended up signing for rivals Chelsea, even after all of this it still seems that Higuain is on the cards for a move to Arsenal and one person who is certainly excited is current Arsenal star and German International striker Lukas Podolski. Podolski felt it was vital to voice his opinion as well as his unconcern in an interview with English newspaper The Sun.

The 28 year old said, “It is always good when good players come in, I don’t worry about a specific player and it is certainly not a problem. I am strong enough and I have qualities and when good players come in, I will play with good players. Every season players come in and players go but I think it is good news if top players come in.”

Even though he never actually mentions the supposed imminent arrival of Higuain, many would believe that he will surely be the first major club signing of the summer and hopefully not the last. Podolski also mentioned his strength and determination in there and also spoke of Arsenal’s ambitions towards the end of the interview, showing yet another player has come out in confidence about his team over this summer period.

Podolski added, “The hope is that this season Arsenal will be at the top of the league. English football, thankfully, is not like Spain where you only have two teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid, who fight at the top. In the Premier League you have five, six, even seven top, top teams. It is very difficult but I know that Arsenal are one of those top teams who will be involved. You don’t know how the season will work out, a few of the other teams all have new managers so it is difficult to say but they will be strong and equally, Arsenal will be strong.”

Podolski makes a lot of key points in there, certainly about the differences between England and Spain, which is why so many more players are coming to the Premier League from La Liga and he also goes on to recognise Arsenal’s chances and I would completely agree that Arsenal should have the advantage of having a solid manager at the beginning of the upcoming season and hopefully this will mean we have a strong start that will help us with consistency over the course of the long year ahead.

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