Podolski “I’m injured” – Wenger “No you’re not!”

There definitely seems to be something fishy about the reports coming out of Arsenal about Lukas Podolski’s indifferent performances lately. It all started a couple of months ago when Wenger left the German international on the bench for a while. Nothing appeared on the Arsenal injury list, but shortly after Podolski tweeted that he had a problem with his ankle but he expected to return soon.

Now it seems to have happened again. Podolski has been given the centre-forward role ahead during Giroud’s enforced absence, and again he didn’t seem to be up to speed and was lacking his usual prowess, but after the game, Wenger again just said it was because he was not used to playing in that position.

The manager said: “He has no injury problem. It’s only his second game now up front. We have to give him a bit of time.”

Okay fair enough, but just 24 hours later, Podolski has again contradicted his manager, and suggested that he could recover with some rest from the game, but didn’t think he would need surgery. The Pod said: “I have small problems with the ankle, but I do not think post-season surgery is necessary. After the season I’ll decide together with the doctors and physiotherapists, what’s best for my health.”

This is all very confusing, and I would dare to suggest that Pod and the manager have a slight disagreement on this matter! But who is telling the truth?

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6 thoughts on “Podolski “I’m injured” – Wenger “No you’re not!”

  1. Typical modern prima donna, get him on the pitch wenger and tell him to get on with it

  2. Poldi is not happy, certainly. He is a German. Wenger should sort out their differences.

  3. Sulking Podolski is going to pay a doctor in the Summer to diagnose a fake injury and then he’ll have fake surgery and then he’ll play 15 games a season because his fake injury will keep recurring.

    Sell him now before this sulking lazy player starts this process. Too many players have done it under Wenger and it looks like players are only coming here to do this now. They’ve seen or heard how Arsenal pay players for months, season after season, for doing nothing. Eduardo, Rosicky started it all off, Diaby has mastered the art, Ramsey tried it, Chamakh did it, Walcott did it, Van Persie was anothwr master, there have been others. Podolski is now trying to do it but making it too obvious. Get rid of him.

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