Podolski needs to improve this season to be regular Arsenal starter

When Lukas Podolski joined Arsenal last season, we thought he would be a fantastic signing playing alongside Van Persie and Walcott; however as we all know Van Persie then left for Premier League rivals Manchester United and Podolski never seemed to really flourish.

Of course understanding many factors contribute to why Podolski perhaps didn’t live up to be the player we all expected, but if we are to compete at the highest level then our German International definitely needs to step up in my opinion.

Admittedly it was his first season in England and he rarely played the full 90 minutes due to fitness issues however it doesn’t take away the fact that in terms of the player we expected his return was fairly poor.

Many say 11 Premier League goals in 33 league appearances isn’t too bad for a winger, who rarely completes a game and I would agree with that argument however I feel he can offer much more than the clear 1 goal every 3 games on average. Podolski is certainly talented and at the age of 28 he should probably be in his prime, we need to maximise his ability and although we often witness him pulling an effort up and down the wing for 60 minutes, he needs to work on his attacking work. He could really be a key player towards a title challenge but it just doesn’t seem to work for him out for him and if he’s not careful I think Alex Oxlade Chamberlain could have a real shout for that right winger position next season.

Quite simply I’m not slating our German International at all. Bringing out the facts you must be a good player to have 100+ caps for your national team, especially when it’s Germany and so his quality is there. It’s just several things like fitness and consistency that let him down and without trying to sound over critical Podolski really needs to improve next season if he is to maintain his spot in the team as well as help Arsenal hopefully push on for trophies.

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3 thoughts on “Podolski needs to improve this season to be regular Arsenal starter

  1. If u truly want him to improve. Then we ave 2 use him as a central striker nt a winger where he has a lot of running and defending 2do

  2. I always wonder how and why you guys malign every player (most especially non British) for reasons best known to you.
    The team needs to improve as a whole and not Poldoski only.
    The most subbed player in the league history (he even got subbed in a match where he got 3 assists and a goal);
    Debut season in EPL;
    Played on the winged instead of central role;

    What has AOC/Gervinho got better than Poldoski?

    The same bad journalism and poor player-management that push Eboue out. He is replaced by your boy Jeckinson. How is he better than Eboue?

  3. And this is a well researched article in your opinion? Dude, get another hobby, please.

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