Podolski vs Damiao for an Arsenal transfer. Who should Wenger choose?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is desperate to transfer another striker in January and with few options in Europe which can also aid Arsenal in the Champions League knockout stage, the Frenchman started to look on other continents.

Wenger is searching for a striker because PSG and Bordeaux are both plotting to steal Marouane Chamakh from Arsenal in January, and the player is likely to leave being very frustrated by the fact he doesn’t get much playing time anymore.

In Europe the best bet Wenger would have for a top striker is Lukas Podolski who is a consecrated top notch striker who is the start at Bundesliga side FC Koln and a regular first team player for the senior German national squad. With only one choice for a quality player, Wenger started to look elsewhere and to be truthful he found somebody at least as good.

22 year old Brzilian striker Leandro Damiao has played for Internacional for the last two years in which he managed over 50 goals and also managed to become a part of Brazil’s senior national squad. This will be a very tough choice for Wenger because both players are prolific strikers, but they have slightly different styles of play with Damiao as a target man and Podolski as a second striker. Who should Wenger bring in?

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4 thoughts on “Podolski vs Damiao for an Arsenal transfer. Who should Wenger choose?

  1. Can you lot take Podolski please, we’ve been after Damiao for ages! To be fair I could understand why you would want Damiao too, since RVP can play off the striker, which probably means he’ll work with Damiao better than Podolski, I think…

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