Poor form means Arsenal ARE prepared to dump Wenger

If Arsene Wenger can not get Arsenal firing on all cylinders soon, the Frenchman might find his long reign as manager of the Gunners finally coming to an end, according to a Metro report.

Expectations were high at the club after Wenger was given some serious money to spend to build on last season’s FA cup success and having led the Premier League for longer than any other team. But Arsenal have failed to live up to those expectations so far and even though the long list of injuries has not helped, it is the manager that takes the blame in the end.

The report claims that the Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti could be the man being lined up to replace the long serving Frenchman, although the Italian would be unlikely to leave his current job in La Liga until the end of the season.

So if Wenger cannot turn the form around and the powers that be at Arsenal decide he has to go sooner rather than later, who could take the reins?

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  1. Headline:
    Will Arsene be a gonner…?

    Arsene from gunner to gonner ..

    gunner, gunner …gonner .. gone …

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