Prince Podolski poised for Arsenal exit

When Arsenal announced the transfer of the Germany striker Lukas Podolski a couple of years ago, the fans were understandably excited about it. A lethal striker with a fantastic international strike rate was just the sort of signing that Gooners had been waiting for.

It is fair to say that Podolski’s career at Arsenal has not gone as well as he of the fans would have liked. There have been flashes, like when he first arrived and in his last few games, but Lukas seems to have struggled more than most to adapt to England and the Premier League.

Many fans blame Arsene Wenger for playing him out of position or not giving him enough game time, but the opposite side of that is when the German has been given his chance in the middle, it has not worked, and it is the manager’s job to play the team he thinks has the best chance of winning.

Podolski seems like a great character to have in the dressing room, always happy and smiling, and he is clearly very popular with his team mates and the fans, but that is not enough. Rumours are starting to grow that he could well be returning to his former club Cologne this summer. They have just got back into the Bundesliga and are dear to the striker’s heart.

But it would be a shame if Podolski had just got really in the swing of the BPL, only to be shipped off, and his recent performances have suggested that this is the case. He is working harder, linking up with Giroud, fighting for the ball, tracking back and, of course, smashing the ball into the net. Is it too soon to give up on the Prince?

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6 thoughts on “Prince Podolski poised for Arsenal exit

  1. Personally I want him to stay, but if he needs to go and we get 10-15m and replace him with better for under 20m then no problem. Football isn’t just about the fans, the players have short careers they need to be where makes them happy. Whilst we need committed quality individuals to win us trophies, for.our.hard earned cash.

  2. Please don’t leave Podolski! I think You are the main striker for are better than giroud. Don’t leave!!

  3. I will never understand why, but this is definitely Wenger’s fault for not giving him more game time.

  4. It’s like people only watch 2 minutes highlights of games and then jump in and declare Poldi as the best striker in the Arsenal squad. I like Giroud but readily admit his deficiencies. He is slow, he can’t beat a man one-on-one, doesn’t score from outside of the box and should honestly score more headed goals. Nonetheless, his hold up and link up play is superb when Arsenal’s midfield is healthy and there are runners for him to link up with. Podolski is a great finisher, easily the best at Arsenal but he can’t lead the line in the manner Giroud does and we would be better served on the wing with a player with speed and dribbling skills like Draxler. I even think Cazorla should be sold as he is aging but still has value and he is wasted on the wing (which will be Theo’s again when healthy)

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