It might not feel like it right now to the average Arsenal fan, what with the bad news about Santi Cazorla being set for a long time out with ligament damage and he and Alexis Sanchez making it 10 first team players on the Arsenal injury list, but things are a lot better for the club on that front this season.

As revealed in a report by ESPN this week, the Gunners are not the Premier League club that has suffered the most with injury problems this season. We are not even close actually.

The figures in the report are separated into three distinct categories; the number of injuries in total, the length that the players have been out with these injuries and the total number of days missed by players dues to their various problems.

In the number of injuries section, Arsenal are only the seventh worst club with 24 and that is much better than Man City’s 35 and Man United’s 31. It is also an improvement of 55 percent on last season’s numbers.

Only 11 of those 24 have lasted for more than 10 days and that is a better record than all of our main Premier League rivals and one of the best records in the league.

The total days lost so far is 312 and while that might sound a lot, it is well below the EPL average and much better than Man City (546), Liverpool (656) and Tottenham (520) and is a massive reduction on the 1200 we had lost by this part of last season.

So was Wenger right about not needing to sign players in the summer transfer window?

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