Proof Cech transfer will secure Arsenal Premier League title?


Arsenal fans knew that we were getting a top quality keeper when Arsene Wenger somehow persuaded Chelsea to let us have their Czech Republic international star Petr Cech in the summer and the fact that moaning Jose Mourinho did not want to let his rival Arsene Wenger have the benefit of Cech´s ability and experience made it all the more sweet.

Having said that I did not really believe the Chelsea captain John Terry when he said at the start of the season that the 33-year old would be worth an extra 12 to 15 Premier League points for the Gunners. According to a report in the Daily Mail, however, in which their football experts have gone over the season so far in order to judge just how many points better off we are because of the new number one and it is pretty stunning stuff.

Even ignoring the calming effect Cech and his experience has had on the Arsenal defence and ignoring games we won well after Cech had made saves at key moments, their estimate is that we have 10 points more than we would have had without him.

Carrying that on for the rest of the season would give Arsenal 17 more points and considering we were only 12 points behind runaway winners Chelsea last season and that this year is much tighter, is this proof that the transfer of Cech will secure the long awaited EPL trophy this season?

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