Is Wenger in a battle with Puma over Balotelli to Arsenal transfer?

A lot of Arsenal fans have accused the manager of being more interested in balancing the books in recent years than getting the Gunners to compete for the top honours. Whether or not that is really true, or whether he has had no choice with the financial restraints placed on him by the club, it is certainly true that Wenger has been careful what he spends in the transfer market.

And the chief executive Ivan Gazidis has been instrumental in bringing in what he calls new revenue streams to the club. But now this means that the Gunners have got plenty of money to spend, so will the Prof now push the boat out in the transfer market? Only time will tell. And will he now be all about winning silverware for Arsenal?

We might soon see, because there are media reports that the new kit sponsors, Puma, are pushing hard for Arsenal to sign one of their sponsored stars, Mario Balotelli. And the word is that they want Wenger to complete the deal for the Italian before the kit launch on July 1st.

Arsenal have been strongly linked with the 23-year old AC Milan striker recently, but his performances for Italy at the World Cup have been less than encouraging. And Wenger has now rubbished the rumours about Balotelli joining the Gunners this summer. So is this a battle between manager and sponsor? And if so, is it a battle that Wenger needs to win or will he be reasonably happy to toe the line?

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2 thoughts on “Is Wenger in a battle with Puma over Balotelli to Arsenal transfer?

  1. Hey if puma want to buy him outright and pay all his wages who are we to say no. In return they can have all the money for every shirt sold with balotelli on the back.
    Stick to your guns arsenal, we might just end up getting him for nothing.

  2. Balo’ isnt a bad player…Wenger is cool headed,i think dat alone ‘ll keep Balo’ out of trouble…cos i knw dis ‘ll b our fear.Wenger pls just go 4 him.

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