Have you ever thought that the reason behind Arsenal’s lack of spending may all be down to the fact we aren’t officially in the Champions League yet? Although we seem pretty certain to go through to the group stages now, following that magnificent 0-3 win out in Istanbul against Turkish side Fenerbahce, Arsenal have spent most of this summer not knowing which European competition they would be taking part in and this may be the reason behind the lack of additions.

Wenger has been adamant all summer that the only players he is in the market for are top quality players who will take the team to the next level. Now, I don’t completely doubt that and moves for Higuain and Fabregas, which of course never materialised, shows the intent that Wenger had, however all these big money moves that Wenger was trying to secure may have failed because we couldn’t be certain we would be playing in the Champions League this season and so the highest rated players weren’t interested in us.

Champions League is the top competition nowadays and not many top quality players can be found in any lower competition. Many will state that Spurs have an improving team, yet they are only in the Europa league but it’s sad to say that players will join them because Spurs is a developing project, whilst Arsenal seems to be in decline. It’s not a nice situation to be in and at this moment it makes your mind wonder who an earth is going to join Arsenal in this last week and I’m not entirely confident we can make serious additions on the same level as our North London rivals.

Not forgetting we also experienced this torment back in 2011, when we played Udinese in the same stage of qualification. We had just lost Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy and were struggling for talent, Wenger finally pulled his finger out on the last day to secure the signings of 5 players, 3 of which proved to be a success at the club. We were all hoping the same scenario wouldn’t happen again but unfortunately it seems to have occurred as we enter the final week with just an unknown Frenchman to our name.

It will all show whether or not this is the case and reasoning behind our lack of spending, once we finally get through to the next stage officially next Tuesday, assuming of course we don’t completely mess it all up at the Emirates. As Wenger said its extremely unlikely to see any additions before Tuesday, it’s going to be a tough remainder of the week to not only focus upon the fact we have a North London derby we cannot afford to lose, because of prestige but also points, but also that we have extremely little time to make the signings we need. It’ll be 5 days and counting at that stage, are you ready Arsene? Don’t let us down!

2 thoughts on “Qualify tonight and Arsenal WILL make big name transfers

  1. Torres anyone?
    Torres is an extremely talented striker who has played well below his abilities the last few years. Could come in to complement the signings of Flamini, Özil, Di Maria and hopefully Cesar/Casillas. However, who should be moved up from The Academy? Eisfeld, Gnabry, Zelalem. Miyaichi is already moved up, Sanogo should get some time in the Academy as I’ve not been impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

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