Ramsey can handle pressure of being Arsenal’s saviour

In what was another largely disappointing result in a series of poor days for the Gunners, one positive came out of the Everton game. Arsenal endured yet another defeat in the league which has means that we are now completely out of the running for the Premier League title, but a fourth place finish is also growing in doubt. Fellow challengers Everton managed to beat us 3-0 with an outstanding performance that exploited the Gunners away at Goodison Park and it means that Everton are now just one point behind the Gunners in fourth place, but Everton do have a game in hand.

That was the negative; however like I said there was one positive to come out of yesterday’s game and that was the return of the man who is arguably Arsenal’s player of the season, Aaron Ramsey. The fact he is not only being labelled as Arsenal’s man of the match, despite playing less than half an hour, shows exactly how much the Gunners rely on him, and how much we have missed him. He looked head and shoulders above the rest of the team and considering he is probably still out of form considering a long injury lay off it is quite worrying to witness such actions to happen. Of course it is promising to see a great player like Ramsey return for the final stage of the Premier League season, but at the same time it shows exactly why Arsenal have not managed to cope during his absence.

On the return, Ramsey told Arsenal.com: “It was very frustrating for me to be out for three months of the season when things were looking so good. We have to pick ourselves back up now. We have still got a lot of points to play for. We are in the semi-final of the FA Cup so we have got to put things right. These things happen in football and I am just glad to be back out there now. Hopefully I can show what I can do, help this team achieve Champions League football again and hopefully have a medal at the end of the year”

He has been an iconic player for Arsenal this season and it is such a shame that he was injured for so long in such a high point of his career. Nobody is expecting Ramsey to come back as the same player he was in the pivotal form he was in, however with an Fa Cup semi-final just around the corner, I am sure that everyone will be expecting Ramsey to be on his high game for this fixture. How much of a part he will get to play is still up in the air as I am sure Wenger wouldn’t want to risk aggravating the long term injury he has only just recovered from, however considering the form of the rest of the team, do we need to rely on Ramsey to pull us through this game with a battling performance?

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One thought on “Ramsey can handle pressure of being Arsenal’s saviour

  1. If we had 4 Ramseys I would be confident but AW seems to have a preference for the weak, stand around midfielders. No-one player can mobilise Art or Caz into a midfield to beat Chelsea and Citeh away. They are children where we need men. Sign another Ramsey, get Diaby fit and we are back in business. Everybody in the world loves to see Arsenal play so get the midfielders to do the job. The Arsenal way is to ‘pass and move’ the opposition to death. Tacticians can still be beaten this way. Get the power and the pace and let’s do it. It’s a battle between pro-football and the anti-football tacticians. We must win this battle.

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