Ramsey situation makes Arsenal medical team out to be a joke

God knows what is going on with Arsenal and injuries, but it doesn’t sound like Arsene Wenger is taking much notice of his medical team right now. Wenger himself has last night admitted that he was taking his advice on the injury to Aaron Ramsey from the Welshman himself!

Wenger said about Ramsey: “He told me yesterday he was very positive and much better and that he would play, then he texted me late last night and said he was out,”

Maybe Ramsey meant he was out at a nightclub and didn’t think he would be able to play today, as why else would he just send him a text instead of ringing him directly and explaining the situation in detail? This all sounds very fishy to me….

So Wenger asks Ramsey for his info, but the Express reckons that the midfielder has got a hamstring injury which will keep him out for a month and Wenger has got a scan to prove it. So why doesn’t Wenger have all this specialist injury info from his very expensive medical team? Surely THEY should know whether Ramsey is fit enough to play or not?

Well maybe not, considering they have half the Arsenal squad on the treatment table and probably don’t have enough time to run all the necessary tests on all of them so just ask the players if they fancied playing or not! Whatever the case, Wenger’s comment plus the length of the injury list, is making our fitness team look like a joke. How much longer can this go on?

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