Redknapp Attacks Arsenal’s Szczesny

The Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has attacked Arsenal’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny after the recent statements the Pole made regarding Arsenal’s chase to get past Tottenham in the Premier League.

According to Redknapp, although Szczesny is a good goalkeeper he should focus more on football and try keeping his mouth shut when it comes to talking rubbish about other teams in the Premier League.

“Szczesny says he is coming to get Tottenham? Oh yeah, yeah, he does have a lot to say, Szczesny, doesn’t he?” Redknapp said.

“I’m a big fan of his, he is a fantastic goalkeeper and he could end up being one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, but he does come out with some stuff doesn’t he?

“He was having a go at Chelsea the other day and God knows what (else)…

“He is a fantastic goalie, but he should just keep doing what he does.”

Redknapp does have somewhat of a point there, but it’s probably his envy speaking. A few games back the Spurs had a massive advantage in front of Arsenal and now they’re forced to accept that the Gunners are only one point behind them. That must be very frustrating for a team like Tottenham who keep falling short of objectives in the last few seasons.

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11 thoughts on “Redknapp Attacks Arsenal’s Szczesny

  1. Redknapp, has forgotten what vandervart said about arsenal when arsenal beat chelsea 3-5, yet he didn’t say anything.

  2. Football is like boxing where one can use words to intimidate the opponent and make him loose focus. So for me our keeper has done no wrong. Harry is just scared.

  3. The Young man just expressed his sincere feelings just like all other players and managers in the EPL do.

    So Mr. Redknapp should shut his own mouth cos so much trash has also been said about Arsenal. Remember Evra’s constant Blabs?

  4. Wats wrong sayin ur mind in football, we hear comment like “arsenal r kids n we men” by evra. So wat else is worse than dis. Szczesny say it louder man.

  5. For me…i could remember the goalie sayin he wants to see spurs in the europa league..but that should not allow Mr Red. to address him the way he is doin. He has the right to say what he wants like other players do.

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