Redknapp – It would be lovely to finish above Arsenal…..Dream on!


The Easter Holidays just got even better for Arsenal fans. After the Gunners fantastic win over Man City it has been followed by Tottenham’s home defeat by Norwich City which has given Arsenal a cushion over their arch-rivals.

Harry Redknapp has now finally realised that Tottenham are now unlikely to finish in Third Place and are now even going to struggle to finish in the fourth Champions League position.

“We have not been in bad form the last few weeks, but today was a setback. We had a bad day.” Redknapp said. “We were a bit flat. I thought their front two, especially Grant Holt, bullied us a bit.

“It is all still to play for though.It is going to be close, but there are still five games to go. It is the team who wants it most. We would settle for finishing fourth, Champions League football is the key.

“It would be lovely to finish above Arsenal, but that is going to be tough now. It is still all to play for – Chelsea have to play Arsenal, Newcastle have to play Chelsea, Chelsea have to play Liverpool away, so who knows?”

On current form, Newcastle now have to be hot favourites to steal fourth place from Spurs, and if they do, all Arsenal fans will be very very happy!

13 thoughts on “Redknapp – It would be lovely to finish above Arsenal…..Dream on!

  1. I can not wait to see the face of uncle Harry and the rset of tottiefruty teams after the end of season. i hope we play well and keep our place at therth.

  2. Oo pls can someone pls tell rednap to wake up n smell d coffee cos ‘nap’ tym is over,we r so taking 3rd position if not careful 2nd

  3. Spurs had their time to laugh at arsenal now they have realised that he who laughs last laugh the best. Arsenal rules the entire London.

  4. Arsenal is never a team that can be rubbish, belief me if you win arsenal team in any game that shows that luck is not in favour of us. So, I don’t mind if tottenham finish in 10th position including chelsick I hate both teams also Man citnasri fc. All we need now is the wolves game winning that will surely monent pressure on both team, podosiki and vertoghen next season and a attacking milfielder: then we are goin to win a trophy next season. I love arsenal, I cherish arsenal, arsenal is my happiness

  5. Spurs greatest ever season and our worst! yet we could still be celebrating st’toterringhems’s day in april. 2nd place is in our sights man city will be so down after sunday all the balotelli stuff and rumours of thrown punches in the dressing room. the goofy one has resorted to squabbling on twitter hart and kompany could be clearly seen showing their anger at teamates and now it seems certain that mancini has got to start with tevez a player who he said would never play for the club again a player who has chosen to play more golf this year than jose maria olazabal

  6. Rednapp άή spurs αr sσ funny †Φ мє ryt now, you r all sσ ungreatful, u not in †нє top 4 last year, άή u chickens αr not glad u r there now, instead u r keepin eyes on arsenal 3th spot, now u αr not εvεn sure of †нє 4th spot, cos ryt now newcastle looks †нє beter team dan chelsea άή spurs

  7. Harry is day dreaming. Their chances of finishing ahead of Arsenal is as little as 45/100. The funny thing is that both Spuds and the Chavs may just end up playing Europa league football next season.

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