Remy must take pay cut or miss his dream Arsenal transfer!

There are Arsenal players on more money than £80,000 a week. In fact our new signing Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona is to be paid quite a bit more than that, along with the World Cup winning German midfielder Mesut Ozil, but Arsene Wenger thinks that is too much to pay for the services of the French striker Loic Remy, according to a Daily Star report.

That is what the 27-year old currently earns at QPR, but the newly promoted side need Remy off the wage bill and Newcastle, where he spent last season on loan, are not willing to meet that either. So the striker and his club are in a tricky situation, unless another Premier League club are willing to meet his demands as well as pay the £10 million release clause in his contract.

I wonder if the Prof is playing a bit of transfer poker here, knowing that Remy has talked about his desire to play for Arsenal and that the time is ticking on his chances of adding to the Champions League games he played for Marseille. Maybe that will persuade Remy to take a small drop in wages, while Wenger could also try to get QPR to accept a l;ittle less as it gets him off the wage bill. Arsenal may have lots more money to spend now, but that does not mean that our manager has changed his spots completely.

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One thought on “Remy must take pay cut or miss his dream Arsenal transfer!

  1. id like to see him in the team .
    i dont know if he would be in my starting 11 though arsene and remy need to sit in a room together lock the door and thrash it out .
    remy needs to be a bit realistic .he will thrive if he compamises a little now ,.
    i would rather see him in the team than that idiotic boy wiltshire ,who refuses to act as a grown up .hes fast becoming a liability .perhaps we could move him on to get remy .
    we dont need him we have ramsey.

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