Robin Van Persie – I am committed to Arsenal

Arsenal’s team captain Robin Van Persie snapped after all the rumours relating him to a possible leave in January or June, and he offered a statement for the club’s official website dismissing every story the newspapers came up with. The Dutch striker also vowed his commitment to The Gunners and to the captaincy he now holds

“I want to say something about my commitment to Arsenal because there have been many stories in the media lately,” said Van Persie.

“I am committed to Arsenal, and that’s how it is, despite people [in the media] making up stories. For example, they said I was selling my house, but that’s nothing recent, I moved house last year.

“I see stories which make me laugh, but I can see how frustrating it is from the fans’ point of view. But I am committed to Arsenal. I am captain, and fans should not believe everything they read.

“As for that house story, the house has been for sale for a while, but I’m not living on the streets or anything, I have found a really nice house, and yes, it’s in London! So I want to put that straight, I am committed, and I will show that on the pitch.”

Van Persie is an Arsenal player since 2004 and according to the Dutch he’s not planning on leaving the London club any time soon despite all the media fuss around this idea. The striker is having a blast this season with excellent performances even for his standards, and he is now one of the few people to have ever scored 100 goals for Arsenal.

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