Rooney would like Arsenal transfer but we should forget him

There have been several articles in newspapers in Britain that claim that Wayne Rooney would like a move to Arsenal – but only if his move to Chelsea falls through.

If this is true (which is unlikely) then we shouldn’t want Rooney, but focus on Suarez or somebody else. Arsene Wenger has said earlier in the summer that he would find it hard to turn Rooney down if the opportunity to sign him presented itself. Ivan Gazidis then added to the speculation a week or two later and said just about the same things and as the man who deals with transfers usually, that meant that Arsenal must have been preparing bids for him.

We have already seen that Manchester United are adamant on keeping Rooney after they turned down Chelsea’s bids for him last week. Jose Mourinho said that Rooney is Chelsea’s only target this summer after previously wrapping up deals for Andre Schurrle and Marco Van Ginkel. Chelsea are going to pursue Rooney for the rest of the summer and if they can’t get him then I don’t see why Arsenal could.

As much as I hate to admit it, Chelsea have much more power in the transfer market and it’s a very unlikely scenario that we could beat them to the signing of Wayne Rooney.

If Rooney really does see us as a second choice option then we don’t want him anyway. Arsenal shirts need to be filled with people who love the club and believe in what the club is not players who are looking to round off their career with a bit of extra cash.

Wayne Rooney is a good player and there’s no denying that but it is the wrong move for us to ever be formally interested in him. Luis Suarez should be keeping everybody occupied for the time being and after that, who knows….

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3 thoughts on “Rooney would like Arsenal transfer but we should forget him

  1. personally think we should be scouring the planet for alternatives to suarez and rooney. whilst I wouldn’t mind either I just cannot see arsenal paying £50m and if we can why the hell didn’t we go for neymar, falcao or cavani? or even try a bit harder to keep rvp, song and cesc? its so damn frustrating that we are now despairing over signing a vile cheating vampiresque racist, I think I would prefer the fat vain granny shagger

  2. Wayne Rooney is no better than Suarez when it comes to cheating!In fact if we sign Rooney I will have to swallow a bitter pill over his blatant diving to win a penalty and end Arsenal’s 49-match unbeaten run in 2004. If Wenger signs any of these players — and Suarez is looking more likely — he will have to work hard on the character to conform to the Arsenal way.

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